Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Oh What a Day...

Have you ever had one of those days that you don't expect a ton from, but they surprise you and turn out great? Well, that was yesterday for me...

Brittany had scheduled some more wedding reception appointments and asked me to come along, so we met up this morning (Skinny Vanilla Latte & Carmel Macchiatos in hand) and toured the DC Centre, Ramada/Coco Keys and the Magnolia. The DC Centre really set the bar high and the other two really didn't stack up, but it was still great to see some of the other options out there. We had checked out four others a couple weeks earlier and on that trip she asked if I would be a bridesmaid in the wedding. "Absolutely!" I think on this trip she is may have found THE location and will more than likely make a decision this week. 

After the appointments we headed to Ingredient in Midtown Crossing for lunch and then hit Three Dog Bakery for some treats for Maya and Bailey. Then we went to Mohegan for pedicures and they were AMAZING...as usual. I swear this is the best place in Omaha for pedicures and I've checked a lot out. The leg/feet massages are sooo great and go on forever! Plus, Brittany picked my up as a belated birthday present...how can you beat that?!?

The "Petchup" I picked up for Maya - since we've moved her solely to
hard dog food, she hasn't been a huge fan. This stuff has vitamins
and is supposed to make the food taste better - let's hope it works!
I had some errands to run and $400 later I was home. Seriously, how did I spend $400 in less than three hours? Here's how:
  • Gas...$60 worth!
  • Beauty Brands - 2 sets of shampoo/conditioner liters, hairspray & smoothing cream
  • Sephora - Dior Concealer, Tinted Moisturizer, Powder and Clarins Stretch Mark Control Lotion
  • Target - groceries for the week, plus other household items
  • UPS - mailed Blake's 12th birthday present and greeting cards to Angie. We had picked some up at The Afternoon on Sunday and she forgot them at my house. Speaking of great day, I had a blast with her yesterday before her flight - we hit up the Omaha Farmer's Market at Aksarben Village and went down to Midtown Crossing for a little shopping at Republic of Couture and The Afternoon. I've been wanting to go to the Farmer's Market for weeks and picked up corn on the cob, a baguette, kettle corn and some yummy salsa.

Cannot wait to lube up with this and protect from
those awful stretch marks!

I got home and unpacked the groceries, picked up the house and started a couple loads of laundry. I sat down with my work computer and sifted through all the emails I'd gotten over the weekend. Then I put together a nice little dinner of corn on the cob, caprese salad and garlic bread.

Oh, and I can't forget the great gift Cruz got from Marc & Brittany - they had picked this up in Las Vegas on their engagement trip and I can't wait until he's big enough to wear it to support Uncle Marc's favorite baseball team!

"My First Angels Tee" t-shirt

As you can see there really wasn't anything too special or out of the ordinary about this day, but it was just really nice and I got a lot of stuff done....and not what I expected when I woke up that morning. Because of that I felt the need to share it with all of you!

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