Sunday, July 10, 2011

Nursery...Step by Step

Well we've finally settled on a crib & dresser for the nursery and I absolutely LOVE them! I have been looking for a black set and a lot of companies have discontinued sets in black, but Tessa and I were shopping a couple weeks ago and found this set and its going to be perfect. It's the Bonavita Metro Collection set crib and dresser. Crazy enough, the crib can actually turn into a child's bed and then it turns into the headboard & footboard for a queen bed. How convenient!

We are very fortunate because our family want to help out and give Cruz the best nursery. Nick's dad is paying for the crib, his mom is taking care of the dresser and my parents are getting us the chair (once we figure out which one we are getting). We are so lucky! Now I just need to find the perfect, most comfortable chair...because I know he and I will be spending A LOT of time in it.  I've seen some that rock, some that swivel, some that recline and some that do all three - there are just too many choices out there!

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