Friday, January 31, 2014

It's Five Time {January 31, 2014}

Happy Friday lovely ladies!

Ok, so today I'm going to talk workin' on our fitness. It's that time of the year when everyone is making their resoluttions - the gyms are full, my fave workout gear is sold out and the weather is just too dang cold to do anything productive outside.

Speaking of fitness, Nick is adamant that if there is something new workout-/diet- related, that I will check it out. He always gives me hell for trying out the newest "superfood" or buying a new workout DVD or whipping up the newest "healthy" recipe I find online, which ultimately turns out awful and we end of scrapping it - not because of the actual recipe itself, but more so due to my cooking skills, or lack thereof.

Anyway, let's just move onto my favorite fitness/health inspirations for the time being.

Tone It Up. If you haven't heard of TIU or Katrina & Karena, now's your chance. These girls are just about the cutest thing out there. My sis, Tessa, and I picked up their DVD a while back and I can tell you I just love the workouts! I love that you can mix & match workouts, and they are especially great when I can't make it to a class or the gym...or if I'm traveling for work. I just pop in the DVD and get my sweat on. And their nutrition plan is great as well - it's pricey, but tons of great recommendations if you need help figuring out what to eat, when to eat it and how to prepare it like I seem to.

They also have their own show - Toned Up- on Bravo on Thursday nights. Not only are the Tone It Up girls fun to watch on their workout DVDs, but they also have a show on Bravo on Thursday nights! I love learning how they started their company and seeing how organic social media has helped grow their business. Not only that but they are extremely relatable and sweet. Definitely a show to check out if you haven't already.

30 Day Squat Challenge. I've seen these bad boys all over the place and figured if I was going to do a challenge, this one is for me. I'm not shy to admit that I'm lacking in the booty area. I blame it on my dad, that guy doesn't have one either.  I'm starting this tomorrow. Anyone want to join in with me? I'm not cool enough to have a hashtag like #febsquatchallenge or anything like that and I won't check in on IG, but would love to know if you are going to try this always helps to have someone to workout with and keep me in check. =)


Sweat Cycle & Soul. I know I've mentioned my love for my new workout place many times, but I just have to say the more I go, the more I continue to love it. It's hard to explain, but I love the sense of community I feel at every class, I've gotten to know other people in the class which is always a great way to encourage me to workout and the instructors - for lack of sounding cheesy - are just inspirational. They give you a purpose to be at the class and work towards throughout. I've been loving their spinning and Pedal & Pump (mix of spinning and free weights while on the bike) classes, but recently have tried Barre Pilates and TRX Circuit Training....both of which were awesome! Next up, I'm going ot check out some of the yoga classes they are known for.

If you are in the Omaha area, I highly suggest you give them a shot. You will not be disappointed.

Race season! As the weather gets nicer, it means you will find my happy ass out on the trails, most specifically my favorite place to run - Lake Zorinsky. I absolutely love running outside and cannot wait until the thermometer peeks it's head above zero so I can do more of it. Not only that, I need ot figure out which races I'm going to partake in this year - I definitely foresee another half marathon in my future, but I really want to find a couple of fun 10Ks and, of course, I will be doing Color Me Rad again...because it's just that fun. And, best of all, I am going to have a giveaway soon for TWO people to get a free registration to the Color Me Rad race. Holla.

Oh, and have any of you tried the PumpUp app? My sis told me about this one and I'm in love.  It's an app that customizes workouts for you depending on what body parts you want to focus on for that day, where you are working out (gym, home, outside) and creates a specific workout that varies from the previous, targeting just the areas you want to target WITH video of how to perform the moves and how many reps, etc. IT.IS.AWESOME.

Ok, now I'm done. I think. Have the best weekend...oh and if you have any crazy good fitness/health tips, please let me know. I'm all ears.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Scottsdale Shenanies {Lots of Pictures, Few Words}

As you may recall, at the beginning of January, I abandoned my husband and child for a weekend of fun with some of my favorite ladies. (talked about it here) And it was a blast.

Some would say too much fun, so much so that I was still nursing my hangover and exhaustion the entire week following. I even begged Nick to let me go to bed by 7pm on the night I got home. If you ask me, that is what a great girls weekend is ALL aboout.

Honestly, going into it we didn't have much of a plan, which was fine by me. We had cocktails, lounged by the pool (not warm enough to swim, but still gorgeous), had more cocktails, shopped for a minute, went to dinner and just spent time catching up. I love these girls.

Of course my weekend had to start with an Omaha airport world-famous bloody mary, double shot of vodka. Ok, so they aren't world famous by anyone's standards but mine, but they are delicious and it's a tradition that I have at least one prior to any flight.

That lead to more cocktails in the Phoenix airport - I was the first to arrive from our many different locations, so that called for a bottle couple glasses of white and catching up on a little work.  Their flights were delayed so I had plenty of time to get my drink on.
After dinner at Mastro's - their warm butter cake is to die for - and a night of lounging in and around the hot tub, we were all exhasuted and headed to bed.

Saturday morning we got up for brunch at Soul Cafe and approximately six mimosas each, at least that is what our bill reflected. We sat their for hours just catching up and munching on some delicious food, before heading to a store called My Sister's Closet, which is essentially a place for the ungodly loaded to bring their high-end clothing for the rest of us peasants to buy. I have mixed feelings about a place like this, but definitely didn't mind trying on the furs. I'm more of a would buy a handbag or some jewelry, but not sure about the clothes and definitely couldn't do shoes. Although there was a gorgeous pair of Jimmy Choos that I almost abandoned my original thoughts...they were hardly if even worn!
Then it was a MUST to stop by the liquor store for some provisions - 10 bottles of champagne, some Fireball shots and 5-hour energy. We just had to scoop up this donkey for Carla - we all admired her booty in the hot tub the night before, so this "nice ass" was just too fitting.
Following a couple naps, it was time to get dolled up for yet another meal. We pre-gamed by the pool before heading to a friend's house. 
And by friend, it wasn't my friend, although I wish it were. The house was just beyond amazing ... look at these views!

Dinner was at A Different Point of View and had the most amazing view of the city, plus an amazing cappuccino following my seabass. Have I ever told anyone how much I love rock candy?
On Sunday, we basically repeated our Saturday morning/afternoon with brunch and mimosas at White Chocolate Grill - and basically sat there for three hours, maybe four. Relaxed with no plans is exactly how I wanted this wekeend to go. Then we had to head to a jewelry store to help Aly try on some rings...ideas for her boyfriend, of course. How fab is this one? And if you knew Aly you would know this is so her. 
After it seemed our buzz was wearing off, we hightailed it to the Phoenician for champagne on the patio. It was a gorgeous day overlooking the pool. Then we decided we were in need of some food to soak up the champs so we headed to a bistro for some Italian food and, you guessed it, more champagne.

We headed back to the house for some drunken massages and nonsense and that basically summed up our trip. Each of us had early flights the next morning and it was back to the real world.
What an amazing weekend. I think it's rare to find lasting friendships like I have with these chicas.  We met 10 years ago when I first started working with them and even though we all live apart now, whenever we get together on these trips, we pick up like we were never apart.
Can't wait for the next one. It's just a matter of what city we pick to host our shenanigans!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Happy birthday To My Mama

Yesterday was my mom's birthday. I meant to post this then, but forgot. Not about her birthday, just about posting this. =)

Always a day late and ten dollars short.

Anyway, I just have to wish a Happy Birthday to the most amazing mama a girl could ever ask for. She is the most beautiful, patient, helpful, thoughtful, caring, loving person I've ever known and I would be in a good place if I could even be half the mom to Cruz that she has been to us. Five kiddos and she survived...let alone that four of them were daughters. That's a very good woman, right there.

I shared this a few months back, but I have to share it again. 25 years ago my mom wrote a letter to each of us meant to be opened at our town's 125th celebration which was last May. It was one of the most special gifts I've ever received and I love reading her thoughts and feelings on her kiddos way back then. Check out this letter from my mom.

And some of my favorite, most recent pics. I love you mama!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Cruz Lately

Cruz seriously seems to get more fun every day. His personality is becoming even more pronounced, he says some of the funniest things and he is just the sweetest boy.

Granted, he is also a shithead. Yes, I called my kid a shithead, but you would too if you got to experience the tantrums, the fits, his stubborn personality and, god forbid, telling him no.

With all of this being said, some of the stuff that comes out of his mouth is just too much.

This kid produces more boogers than I ever thought was possible. I mean, I've seen kids with liquidy snot running down their faces, but his are legit greenish yellow, solid boogs. And he feels it necessary that after digging way up in his nose, he walks over and hands me his "boogie" so I can first examine it and then dispose of it. Thanks. Thanks a lot, dude. Sometimes I will get "it's a big one, mama" while he's handing it over.

I'm realizing that it's time I remember to buy a new thermometer for little man. Currently, we are still using the one that is used anally (oh my what a horrible word). The other day it was sitting out after using it (it was clean, mind you), Cruz picked it up and said "mama, is this for sick?" I replied, "yep, buddy, that tells us if you are sick." Then he said, "can I stick it in your booty and see if you are sick, mama?" Um. No?? Gross.

I've also seen more and more "boy" in him. An example of this? The other night Cruz's aunt Brittany (BB) was over. While she was doing him a solid and had him up on the counter washing off his face, he reached over with both hands and grabs her tatas and said "BB's boobies!" and started giggling uncontrollably. Fortunately she's a good sport and laughed along with him. What can I say, he gets it from his dada.

He is slightly obsessed with his dinger. It doesn't help that he and his daddy have conversations about theirs. I should stop them, but I have to admit I'm interested in hearing how the male mind works sometimes. His favorite thing to say after bathtime is, "mama I have a liiiittle dinger, but daddy has a biiiig dinger."  Ahhhh...

And this one has to top the cake. If you "like" my Facebook page, then you are well aware of this little gem, but if not (and I can't imagine why you're not, so click here!) and enjoy!

We've been giving potty training a go, so Cruz is rocking his undies. Well, on Saturday morning he walked into the kitchen while I was making breakfast when I hear him fall and start crying. I turn around to see that he had peed down his leg and all over the floor, slipped in his own pee and then fell right into it. I stood there for a second laughing at the site while he was "real crying" until I composed myself and lifted him out of it, urine dripping off of him. You've got to be kidding me. If this is what the potty training scene is about, I'm not quite sure I'm ready for it.

But then there are the times he is just the sweetest guy and gives me a face like this, asking if he can 'sit in mama's arms' and I just melt all over the place.

{Don't Forget!}
Oh and as if all of the above didn't make you feel like a hot mama - don't forget to enter our giveaway for a $75 Victoria's Secret gift card. Just in time for Valentine's Day and to shop for something fantastic!

Just last night, I asked the hubby if I could trade in the necklace he got me for Christmas for a cart load of items from Vickie's. He said yes and I didn't hesitate to press "order" immediately after! Aren't I just the nicest wifey, taking back a necklace bought with love and trading it in for loads of clothes and shoes?? =)

Hope you're having a great Monday!

little things

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Trying This Potty Training Thing

As I'm typing this, I'm feverishly looking around my laptop screen at Cruz, who is currently running around the livingroom in a pair of Batman undies.

Yep. We are going to give this potty training thing a real go. Do I know exactly how our plan of attack will work?

Heck no, we are just winging it over here.

What if I forget to check in with him and he pees everywhere? Like a dog. On our carpet.

Do I set a timer? If so, is it every hour? 1/2 hour? 15 minutes?

Does he understand me when I tell him he can't go to the bathroom in his undies? That he needs to tell me when he has to go pee pee or poo poo, so we can go sit on his big boy potty?

Will the bribe of a treat - a measly M&M - convince him that going on the big boy potty is a good thing? I mean, if it meant I could get him trained, I would give him the whole damn bag.

Is it worth even trying if I don't feel the hubs is 100% on board? Maybe I can bribe HIM with M&Ms to make him realize how important it is. I mean, he is on a diet with this whole personal trainer thing he's got going on. M&Ms might actually work better on him anyway.

My sister told me about a book that teaches you how to train your kid to be potty trained in, like, three days. That cannot even be possible, right?  If it is would someone please tell me because that sounds like the perfect solution for our impatient family.

This is the scene at our house this morning. PJ top, undies, dino slippers and, of course, his baseball hat.

teepee // gap slippers (available on gap UK)
Poor Cruz, I've been asking him every five minutes - "Cruz do you have to go potty?" And I swear he's started rolling his eyes at me when he tells me "no, mama..."

Friday, January 24, 2014

Love Lately + a Giveaway!! {January 24, 2014}

A giveaway...what? On this little ole blog? Well, if you can believe it (and I'm sure you can) this is my FIRST giveaway ever and I couldn't be more excited to be giving away a $75 Victoria's Secret gift card with six lovely ladies.

And just in time for that lovey dovey holiday, so you can pick out something special for your man. Ok, let's be honest. If I won, I would be picking out a new sports bra and some workout pants, but for the sake of where the idea of a VS gift card came from, let's just pretend I'm like every other loving wife/girlfriend and going for the nice...ah let's just come out and say it...slutty ensemble.

But before we actually get into giving something away, I'm going to list the top five things in my Vickie's cart right now. (In case you needed any ideas on how to spend it.)

Let's just say I have a bit of a black & white obsession....

Incredible Sports Bra.  Vickie's has the best sports bras that I've found and the stripes on this one are so cute. Granted it would be covered up with a tank while I'm working out, but I would still know how cute it looks underneath. =)

Colorblock bikini. Obviously I'm a fan of black and white, but also loving how simple this one is without loads of rhinestones and studs. 
Showtime tights. I love compression tights for running and spinning and VS makes some of my faves. In my opinion they hug in all the right places, and flatter the others.

 Fabulous Bra. These are my favorite bras by far...loving this b&w one of course.

Pointed asymmetric pumps. While I'm not much of a fan of calling my heels "pumps" - I suppose I will let it slide because these are so fantastic. The black would be perfect for work.

But enough about me and my shopping, let's get onto yours! Here is that giveaway I was talking about!

Enter below and you may just win a $75 Vickie's gift card. While you're at it, please check out the rest of these gorgeous gals!

Allena Mistral // Elle Sees // A Little Too Jolley
The Modern Tulip // Happy Is A Choice // Yellow Mango Life // Sweet Southern Sparkle

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

#tbt Happy Heart Day

Ok, can we just get this out there that I finally - finally -  feel cool now that I've used the #tbt hashtag. This is my first time. =) (but let's just skip over the fact that this was actually posted on Wednesday, although most of you won't get it until Thursday. Mmm 'kay?)

Let's move on.

As I was thinking about what to do for Cruz's Valentine's day cards, it made me think back on our last two Valentine's Days with this little love bug.

Last year we had a mini photo session in his room and since we had a nanny at this time and didn't really need Vday cards to hand out at school, we made a cute little card to send to our family.

Could those feet be any cuter?? And of course little guys in jeans...just about the sweetest thing ever.

Would you just look at this little stud? How cute is this pic? I still have it in my office at work because I love to just stare at all of his sweetness.

On the backs of the above pics, we personalized them with his cute little feet...into the shape of a heart, of course!

Any great Valentine's Day card ideas...I'm still at a loss and will more than likely be until last minute. Per my usual. #mommyfail

PS. Speaking of love, I would love it if you would show me some! I just got all fancy and created a Yellow Mango Life facebook page and twitter account.  Just click the links to the right and let's become pals. Thank you in advance. =)

Monday, January 20, 2014

Little Weekend Recap

Sooo....we got tickets! Yep, Eric Church and George Strait. And we lucked out, too. A co-worker couldn't use theirs so they offered them to us at the 11th hour. We lucked out. Thank goodness for thoughtful people.
And it was such an amazing time. I mean, how could it not have been with this guy by my side?


Ok, it also helped that Mr. Eric Church showed up playing an all acoustic set. Not sure if you are country fans, but we definitely are and had just the best time. Oh, and then George Strait came out and while I didn't know but two of his songs, it was still pretty bad ass to see a country legend in front of us.

I did happen to notice on my iPhone this morning that I had about 100 indecipherable concert pics and the above is the only one I could come up with that was ok to share. The only one. #concert fail

After a long day of work on Saturday...and I'm saying long because we stayed out a bit too late the night of the was so great waking up Sunday and knowing I had all day to spend with my fave little dude. Once Nick made it clear he was watching football all day with the guys - thankfully I'm not stuck watching it all day long - I called my sis and we planned a little get together. And while I love love love all of her kiddos so much, it was kind of fun that she only had one that day and just letting Aaysen and Cruz play it out.

And did they play.

I don't think I've heard Cruz squeal and giggle that much in...well ever. We hit up Paradise Bakery for lunch, Fat Brain Toys (our fave toy store), a new playground (it was 55 degrees!), got ice cream for the boys and then headed back to our house to let the boys play and Tess & I watched some KUWTK.

I can't tell you how much I love weekends where we have nothing planned but they turn out to be the best, hanging out with family, alone time with my big man, enjoying smiles with my little guy. I hope you all had a great one too!