Wednesday, January 22, 2014

#tbt Happy Heart Day

Ok, can we just get this out there that I finally - finally -  feel cool now that I've used the #tbt hashtag. This is my first time. =) (but let's just skip over the fact that this was actually posted on Wednesday, although most of you won't get it until Thursday. Mmm 'kay?)

Let's move on.

As I was thinking about what to do for Cruz's Valentine's day cards, it made me think back on our last two Valentine's Days with this little love bug.

Last year we had a mini photo session in his room and since we had a nanny at this time and didn't really need Vday cards to hand out at school, we made a cute little card to send to our family.

Could those feet be any cuter?? And of course little guys in jeans...just about the sweetest thing ever.

Would you just look at this little stud? How cute is this pic? I still have it in my office at work because I love to just stare at all of his sweetness.

On the backs of the above pics, we personalized them with his cute little feet...into the shape of a heart, of course!

Any great Valentine's Day card ideas...I'm still at a loss and will more than likely be until last minute. Per my usual. #mommyfail

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  1. Oh my god so adorable!!! What treasures to have from each year! I normally just buy valentines but this year I am determined to make. Off to pinterest I go!

  2. What a cutie!!! Cam is at "school" this year, so I have been wondering what other moms are doing! I guess they will let us know, but I will be doing it at 11:00 pm the night before!! Haha

  3. i'm still mentally prepping for v-day crafting with kaye. girlfriend does not share my flare for the creative.

  4. New follower!! Your boy is so cute and that card is so sweet!

  5. i am SO not cool enough for a blog facebook page! haha

    i need to come up with a cute vday card idea for daycare!

  6. I'm taking Clay's vday pictures this weekend...I'm thinking a kissing booth picture because he's such a ladies man but we'll see!

  7. Can't wait to make Valentines for Cole!! Ever since I got Cruz's valentine 2 years ago, the wheels have been spinning to come up with a good idea. Lets hope I can pull something cute off!!


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