Friday, January 17, 2014

Love Lately {January 17, 2014}

Happy Friday all! Today kicks off another great one as I have a little date night planned with the old ball & chain tonight....and if all goes right we will score tickets to the Eric Church/George Strait concert...fingers crossed!

With no further adieu, let's talk about some of my favorite things of this week.

I love shoes. They are my absolutely favorite item of apparel/accessory to buy. No matter if you are feeling really hot-to-trot or having a fatty mcfatterson day, shoes always look good. Imagine my surprise when I saw that THEE one and only SJP is launching her own line - The New Collection by Sarah Jessica Parker - in March. Hello, Carrie Bradshaw = shoes in my book. Don't you agree? I've been obsessed with shoes since college but it only grew when I got into Sex & the City. And then the movie came out and I just had to have these as my something blue. Sometimes I just walk around the house in these bad boys. I love them so much.

If you live in NYC, Seattle, LA, Chicago, Miami or Dallas, I am beyond jealous because she will be making appearances in your cities to launch her new line!

My husband made our house into a fortress this week. Like seriously. He hired ADT to come out and now there are all of these buttons I have to push, codes I have to remember and noises that sound whenever we open a door. There are even motion detectors by a couple of doors! Well let's look at the bright side, I guess it's better than relying on that baseball bat under our bed for protection.

For those of you who see me on the reg, you may have noticed that my make-up has been a bit off the past couple of months. I am paler than normal (thanks to being too lazy to sunless tan) and then Sephora went and discontinued the tinted moisturizer I've used for the past couple of years (whyyyyy do they always do that?) So a couple weeks ago I went in and instead of trying to get in and out, actually asked the tech to help me find a new foundation. Enter: Perfect Mist Airbrush Foundation. I'm really liking the coverage so far and while the true test will be to use it for a bit and understand how long it lasts, etc, but so far, so good.
Perfect Mist Airbrush Foundation
I really love ecards. I think they are funny as heck. And this one that a friend posted on FB this week made me laugh out loud. Please tell me I'm not the only one in which this is an accurate statement quite possibly multiple times once a week.

I'm going to be recapping our Scottsdale trip on the blog next week...promise. I just know you all have been wondering what this group of girls were up to during our weekend of debauchery. Right? Not really? Well, it's gonna happen anyway so be on the look out!

Of course, I'm linking up with the lovely ladies of Five on Friday.  Have a great weekend!


  1. Enjoy your date night! Don't you feel so much better having ADT? We live in a SUPER safe area and a great neighborhood (and one dog with a super deep bark!) , however, I just always feel so much safer having the alarm on at night or when we're gone!

  2. Oh my God those blue shoes!!! 😍 They are so fantastic. I hadn't known about SJP but now that I know? So excited. Ecards and wine are my favorite. Enjoy date night! And sleep easy knowing your house is like a vault.

  3. Have fun on date night! I love hearing about girls trips, they can't be topped!

  4. Funny! I saw that eCard on Pinterest too and was debating on that one to put or the one I put on my 5 today! Haha great minds think alike!! And YES I want to hear about your fun girls trip and live vicariously through you :) have a good wknd!!!!

  5. I have a unhealthy obsession with poor friends get them emailed and texted to them all the time!

  6. LOVE those manolo's. I wish they could have been my something blue!! I can't believe SJP is releasing a shoe line! So excited!

  7. Yes on that ecard! Haha! And I hope you get the tickets- that would be an awesome concert!

  8. I love ecards too!! That one is priceless...ha! And woopwoop to your secure home! Love hubbys that protect like's sweet! :) for last...SJP launching her own line!? AAAA! A Carrie dream come true!!!! I had no idea! Thanks for sharing, sugar! xx

  9. Bahaha I love that ecard. You aren't alone on that one :) I did not need to know that Sarah Jessica Parker launched her own shoe line. Oh my goodness, her closet in the Sex and The City movie? To die for!

  10. When I heard that SJP was launching her own shoe line I went bananas! Shoe love is true love! Haha xoxo
    Nessa's World


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