Tuesday, January 14, 2014

{Neon} Yellow on my Little Mango

Shirt // Jeans
Cruz just isn't down to pose for pics like he used to. It's a fight and a struggle to get a normal face, let alone to have his hair somewhat in place and his clothes not completely disheveled. So imagine my surprise when I was getting little man ready this morning and he couldn't get enough of these pics...(please don't judge on the iPhone quality photos, when the opportunity presents itself, I'm just grabbing for the closest camera!)
The other night my fave shopping buddy joined me to run a few quick errands, but the main focus: operation find Cruz undies. I figured we would get him excited about picking out his first pair so it would be less likely to ruin them. Yep, we are getting serious about this potty training gig and have decided at nights when we are home he will wear them until bedtime. I mean, he won't pee or poop on his beloved Mickey Mouse, right? Right?? Because this mama really doesn't want to be cleaning human pee from the carpet.
Of course, on our little shopping adventure I got sucked into BabyGap but they were featuring a sale...on their sale items (they still have the sale going on today!). Um, yes please. And we just had to have this neon shirt with the worn jeans and matching belt. Too stinkin' cute. And what about that cutie wearing it? Handsome little man.
I am just loving all of the different faces Cruz makes - he really has the most fun personality and it shines through bright in these pics.

Shirt // Jeans
Oh, and Trumpette is on Zulily today. My absolute FAVE socks for littles - if you have a kiddo who is 0-12mos or over 12mos with weirdly small feet, check them out!

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  1. What a ham!!! He's so cute. And, I totally stocked up on GAP's sale on sale items...score!!

  2. OMG what a handsome little guy!

  3. He's too cute Katie! Sheesh. And I'm finding out baby gap has adorable little boy clothes! Thanks for the heads up on the sale on the sale items:) Have you heard of Nextdirect.com? CUTE cute cute boy stuff.

  4. oh my gosh, cruz is adorable!!!! the outfit is so cute- love little boys clothes. they look so preppy and hipstery all at the same timE!

  5. Such a handsome man! I love little boys in jeans! It's the cutest. Yes to Trumpettes too. And good luck with the potty training! After months and months I just let her sit in her undies. It took a few (lot of) accidents but it clicked one day. Lock him in the kitchen. ;)

  6. What a cutie! Sales at Baby GAP are the best! I always look at the bigger sizes too so Clay may have a boxes of 3t-5t clothing...

  7. oh my gosh, that belt! ugh... he is just TOO cute!!!!


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