Monday, January 20, 2014

Little Weekend Recap

Sooo....we got tickets! Yep, Eric Church and George Strait. And we lucked out, too. A co-worker couldn't use theirs so they offered them to us at the 11th hour. We lucked out. Thank goodness for thoughtful people.
And it was such an amazing time. I mean, how could it not have been with this guy by my side?


Ok, it also helped that Mr. Eric Church showed up playing an all acoustic set. Not sure if you are country fans, but we definitely are and had just the best time. Oh, and then George Strait came out and while I didn't know but two of his songs, it was still pretty bad ass to see a country legend in front of us.

I did happen to notice on my iPhone this morning that I had about 100 indecipherable concert pics and the above is the only one I could come up with that was ok to share. The only one. #concert fail

After a long day of work on Saturday...and I'm saying long because we stayed out a bit too late the night of the was so great waking up Sunday and knowing I had all day to spend with my fave little dude. Once Nick made it clear he was watching football all day with the guys - thankfully I'm not stuck watching it all day long - I called my sis and we planned a little get together. And while I love love love all of her kiddos so much, it was kind of fun that she only had one that day and just letting Aaysen and Cruz play it out.

And did they play.

I don't think I've heard Cruz squeal and giggle that much in...well ever. We hit up Paradise Bakery for lunch, Fat Brain Toys (our fave toy store), a new playground (it was 55 degrees!), got ice cream for the boys and then headed back to our house to let the boys play and Tess & I watched some KUWTK.

I can't tell you how much I love weekends where we have nothing planned but they turn out to be the best, hanging out with family, alone time with my big man, enjoying smiles with my little guy. I hope you all had a great one too!


  1. Oh my gosh the boys are too cute! Cousins! The best.

    I try so hard at concerts to get great pictures and and up deleting faarrr too many! I hear ya. Glad it was a good time! It's been years since I've gone to a country concert but they were always fun!

  2. Those types of weekends are the BEST! I am so jealous you went to an Eric Church and George Strait concert! Two of my favs!

  3. They are too cute together!!! I LOVE weekends with no plans...they DO always turn out to be the best!!!

  4. Eric Church all acoustic set?! Um yes, I would be in heaven!

  5. That concert sounds amazing!! Weekends like that really are the best although I definitely would (and did) choose to spend a good chunk of Sunday watching football!

  6. you two look ADORABLE on your concert night/date night!

  7. I just came across your blog and wanted to say hi! I've been dying to see Eric Church in concert! Love your blog and I look forward to following along :)

  8. Such a fun weekend! My husband LOVES Erick Church, I need to see if he's coming here. I know he'd love to see him. Xo


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