Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Cheer...and A Lot of Other Christmas Stuff {Part Deux}

Alright, now onto the good stuff - the Christmas celebrations. As per our usual, we had four Christmases in four days. While it can be a bit hectic only getting to spend a day in each location, I can tell you we've done it this way for so long that we wouldn't know any different. Plus, I love being able to see ALL of our family over the actual Christmas holiday itself and not in the weekends before and after.

{If you are dying to read more about our early December happenings, you can find part one here.}

Here goes....

Christmas Eve3 (Sunday before - Christmas on the farm)
Sunday morning was spent on the farm in northeast Nebraska at Nick's grandpa's house. Per our norm, we had a day full of eating, drinking and playing cards. Cruz had a great time opening presents, not just his own, but helping everyone else there since he was the only one under age 26. He loved the black cat grandpa picked up for him in a gas station and did not like the Sully monster that came with his Monster's University movie. To be exact, I believe he said "Sully needs to go back in the box" no fewer than five times. That didn't stop uncle Mook from torturing him with it. Afterwards, we had to go check out the cows in the field and the masses of cats that have shown up to help grandpa "mouse" on the farm.

Christmas Eve Eve (Monday)
This was a relaxed day at Nick's mom's place which also included more eating, drinking and some Cards Against Humanity. Prior to all that nonsense, we made a trip to the movies - the guys went to Anchorman 2 and the ladies & Cruz hit up Frozen. This was the first time we've taken Cruz to a movie in a theater since he was still an infant and he was so good! I'm sure it didn't hurt that we had the biggest bucket of popcorn ever to occupy him.


Christmas Eve
The morning of Christmas Eve we headed to my parent's house and were the first to arrive so Cruz had lots of time to himself with Grandma and Papa. As soon as my brother showed up, he immediately took off my niece's jacket and revealed a "big sister" tee - ahhh, so excited they are finally expecting again as they have been trying for some time. This time next year we will have a little baby at Christmas!

Santa brought him the truck he wanted...a John Deere pick-up of course!

After filling up with twelve three helpings of mom's egg casserole (seriously the stuff is bomb), we got on the road for Omaha to see Nick's dad's side. And as you can guess we had one last day full of food, cocktails and fun just relaxing with the fam and watching the kiddos open mountains of presents.

Ahh, my heart is just so full of love for our families after the holidays! We are very fortunate to have some of the best family to celebrate with and love every minute with them all.

Hope you all had the best holiday season ever. Merry Christmas ya filthy animals!



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