Friday, January 3, 2014

Love Lately {January 3, 2014}

Ahh...I'm particularly happy on this Friday of ours. In a few short hours I'm boarding a plane to meet up with these beauties, two of my favorite ladies in the world! In Scottsdale, no less.

This will be mine & Patricia's third time in Scottsdale together and Aly is joining us for the second time. Based on our past two trips, I have no doubts that we will have an amazing time! I get excited just thinking about all of the shopping, lounging, eating, drinking and catching up we have in store.

So I thought I would share with you what I feel are the makings of a great girls trip. (As if any of you need a lesson.)

Airport bloody marys. Kick off the trip right with a cocktail in the airport to get you ready for the shenanigans ahead. We have a tradition of sending each other a pic of our airport bloody mary every time one of us travels. Weird, I know. But that's us. And Omaha's airport has the best bloody mary's I've ever had. Seriously the best.

An awesome house. We are staying at a friend's house and let me tell you it's nothing short of amazing. This is the pool/hot tub/fire pit area I will be spending most of my time in over the weekend. I realize it may not be pool weather, even in AZ, but that won't stop us from getting in there.


Some amazing ladies. I met these two gorgeous gals at work almost 10 years ago and since that time our lives have changed quite a bit with weddings, babies and moving away - one is in KC and the other in Philly - but we never miss a beat when we get back together. Love them.


Great shoes. Enough said, right? Well, I suppose great shoes and great shops to find some fancy new shoes. If you know me, you know I love my shoes and can't live without my heels and this weekend is made for heels! Which is evident by my two large suitcases jam packed full of them.

Making memories in every situation.


And there you have it - the makings of an amazing time. I will see you all next week, but feel free to follow me on Instagram for what is sure to be a play by play of our girls weekend!



  1. Sounds so fun!! Hope you have a blast, can't wait to hear all about it :)

  2. Ugh so jealous of your weekend!! That house looks amazing!! Happy weekend!

  3. Looks like so much fun!! Can't wait to read all about it!

  4. Yay!! It's beautiful today in Phoenix! Have fun at some of my favorite stomping grounds Downtown Scottsdale.

  5. Have so much fun! Airport and airplane bloody's definitely are the best!

  6. Good to know Eppley has the best bloody mary's! For as many times as I've flown out of there, I have never stopped to get a drink. However..... we are heading to Vegas beginning of February and our flight leaves at 6AM. I see NO reason why we shouldn't get the party started with a Bloody Mary!! Thanks for mentioning the one great thing that Eppley has to offer, besides being the airport with the least crowds. ha.
    Have a blast on your trip! Be safe ladies!

  7. Ah, I hope you're LOVING AZ! And I definitely hope you're enjoying some pool time for me! (It's totally pool weather there compared to the temps and snow we are having here!) We are going to AZ in March and I want to spend a day in Scottsdale!

  8. have fun! you and your friends are gorgeous! can't wait to see what shoes you come back with :)

  9. so fun! i wish i had a group of girls that went on the same trip every year... SOMEPLACE WARM!!


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