Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Happy birthday To My Mama

Yesterday was my mom's birthday. I meant to post this then, but forgot. Not about her birthday, just about posting this. =)

Always a day late and ten dollars short.

Anyway, I just have to wish a Happy Birthday to the most amazing mama a girl could ever ask for. She is the most beautiful, patient, helpful, thoughtful, caring, loving person I've ever known and I would be in a good place if I could even be half the mom to Cruz that she has been to us. Five kiddos and she survived...let alone that four of them were daughters. That's a very good woman, right there.

I shared this a few months back, but I have to share it again. 25 years ago my mom wrote a letter to each of us meant to be opened at our town's 125th celebration which was last May. It was one of the most special gifts I've ever received and I love reading her thoughts and feelings on her kiddos way back then. Check out this letter from my mom.

And some of my favorite, most recent pics. I love you mama!


  1. Happy birthday to your mom!! Belated. ;)

  2. Love that last picture! Happy birthday, mama!

  3. what a sweet post! happy late birthday to your mom :)

  4. such a sweet tribute! happy bday to your mama!

  5. You are a very lucky girl. A beautiful family - inside and out! Happy birthday to your mom from us.

    Barbara Ann


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