Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Boy Makes Me Smile

Traveling for work has proven to be a bit tough for me. I just miss my boys.

Or maybe I don't like sitting in a hotel room all night, with a laptop on my lap and Honey Boo Boo on TV.

Whatever the case, for some reason I was having a rough go of it last night and this morning...until I got this.

Without further adieu, my boy singing me the sweetest, albeit off key, serenade of "You Are My Sunshine."

You guys, seriously. That voice? How cute is that?

Friday, June 13, 2014

Five Reasons I Suck at Blogging

Well, hey there.

No you're not dreaming, I'm actually blogging. Yes, me. The girl who tried so hard for a long time to be a thrice weekly blogger only to let work and life get in the way and in turn let the blog suffer. 

It's sucked. I've missed it. And you guys.

Eh, that's the way it goes, I guess. 

I figured while I was sitting shotgun en route to a little weekend getaway to Kansas City with my two fave guys that I would fill you in on why I've been the worst blogger in the world.

It's summertime. Sweet ole summertime. The sun is out longer which means Cruz and I have to make the most of it. There has been no time to sit around indoors on my laptop writing out blog posts when there are softball games to attend, sidewalks that need chalking, trees to be trimmed and ice cream trucks to track down.

I know it's always my excuse but work has been crazy. I took a new job and I'm handling marketing for our properties in Iowa and Kansas City as well as working with a new team in Vegas. Which has meant two trips to KC and a week in Vegas in the past three weeks. And while a week in Vegas may sound nice, trust me, this old mama isn't cut out for that life anymore.

Fancifying our house has also taken priority. I feel like our home is in major disarray but I'm loving all the improvements we've been making. It's just all the time spent scouring furniture shops in town and on the internet, it takes a lot out of a girl, ya know? #firstworldproblems

And the shenanigans haven't only happened outside. We've been finding many ways to pass the time indoors too.

You know what hasn't kept me away from blogging? Working out, that's what. Unfortunately the travel and working and fun in the sun takes priority. At least that's my excuse. I need to wipe the dust off my running shoes. 

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