Friday, March 28, 2014

The Day I Got A Wax + Five on Friday

I realize I'm the last woman in all of America to get a wax.

But this was my first time.

Prior to our Mexico trip, I finally decided to woman up and got myself a wax.
Basically ALL of my friends have gotten themselves waxed up. I decided I needed to try it for myself. And why not before a major vacay?
I mean, to say the least this girl was anxious and nervous and anticipating loads of pain. I knew it would hurt. Bad.

And I knew I would be in some compromising positions, during this painful process.

But this is what women do, right?
I walked into Rain Salon, a nervous wreck. But as soon as I met Anni, I immediately liked her.

Thank God, right? I mean what if I didn't like her? That would've been terrible.
She asked me to get undressed - pants, panties, boots, but leave my socks on - damn, this girl gets right to business, doesn't she?

I waited for her to exit the room so I could get undressed, but she didn't leave. It took me a while before I realized I would be getting undressed while she was in the room. No time to be shy. Made sense being that in a few minutes I would be at my most vulnerable.

She told me she was going to start with the part that hurts the worst. Um, thanks? But in reality it made sense. Or at least it did in my head.

After the first two strips, I considered throwing in the towel. I wanted to stop her, tell her thanks for the experience, but that I was going back to the razor.

Wax, pat, rip. Wax, pat, rip.

Legs up. Get on all fours. Hold here. Press there. She was giving orders and I was complying.

Finally, the last strip was ripped off my screaming skin. I had talked, winced, held my breath and grinded my teeth through the entire hour process.

Then, it was done. And I was taking in her handy work.

I must say, she had a very soothing voice. She was very friendly. And I loved her Irish accent. We talked the.entire.time. It helped actually.

I got dressed, scheduled my next appointment - four weeks from the day - and like that I was done...and immediately called Nick to review the entire process.

The results:
Fast forward to vacation - it was beyond glorious being able to get up, shower and not worry about shaving. No razor burn to contend with. No fuss. Since I got both a Brazilian and full leg, all I had to worry about was my under arms. Easy peasy.

What was I waiting for all of this time?

My mom asked me the other day what I thought and I told her 100% she needed to plan it before her next vacation. I don't know if she will do it - I mean, I have been "talking" about doing it for years now - but if she does, I guarantee she will feel the same way I do. I gave her the very detailed account of my experience, your welcome for not going into the down and dirty here. Well, kind of.

There you have it. My waxing experience. Nothing like a little TMI, a lot of pain and just laying it out there for the world to read.

Natasha // Darci // April // Christina
And even though it wasn't the end of the world, I still would rather do almost anything than get a are FIVE things in particular.

Relive my first trimester. Not only tired all the time and puking, but with every tom, dick and harry thinking it's ok to just approach me and touch my belly at the very moment they find out I'm with child.

Present to a room full of my peers at work, only to realize I'm completely naked, not them like I was picturing in my mind.  And not only that, but said wax obviously hadn't happened, so you can imagine the sight.

To live a life without Friends. Not only have I been an addict when it was on TV back in the 90s, but these days I watch at least four episodes a week. Suffice it to say I know every single line. (Could I BE wearing any more clothes?)

Drink a gallon of ice water without a straw. If there is anything a girl with sensitive teeth hates more, it's ice water and it is the most painful when you're missing a straw. Just trust me.


Sit in traffic for three hours. Omaha traffic. Some of you may think there is no such thing, and there really isn't, unless there is a snowstorm or accident...and traffic when the general public isn't used to traffic is waaaay worse than when people expect it on the daily.

So tell me, have you gotten a wax? I have to was it for you?? =)

Happy yourself a favor and have an amazing weekend!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

This & That

++As I'm typing this, I'm all but licking the bottom of this container of Talenti Sea Salt Caramel gelato. Why didn't I know this existed sooner? Gelato + chunks of chocolate & carmel. OhMyGelato

+ I also bought us some grocery store sushi for dinner tonight. Don't knock it til you try it. Seriously, Cruz was running around the kitchen saying, "I want more shoe-shi. I want more shoe-shi!"

{And, really, what do you expect from someone who loves her some canned chicken? Grocery store sushi is right up my alley.}

++I'm all but obsessing over this St. Tropez sunless tanner. If you know me, you know I used to be a diehard Victoria's Secret sunless tanner wearer, buuuut they went and discontinued the one I loved last fall, so it required me to search for something new and I found the St. Tropez at Sephora. Love. My Mexicana tan is fading, so I slathered it on tonight.

Oh, and don't forget about this bad boy. You will need it to apply!

+Tonight while we were playing, Cruz started singing a new song to me.."Wheh is mommy, wheh is mommy, der she is, der she is, it-so-nice to see you, it-so-nice to see you, I glad you here, I glad you here." I about died.

++I'm going to make these for Easter. And I can't wait. Both Cruz and I are hard boiled egg addicts and he begs for egg salad at least three times a week. Um, yum.

+ Nick was re-caulking the shower you can imagine that caused us to throw around a lot of "caulk"-related jokes. #jokesfordays #imachild

If you follow me on Insta, you know I was a big jerkface and kind of left some of you hanging with my last post about a "big decision." I will share, I promise. I'm just not ready yet. Eek. Pretty sure it will temporarily upset some of our family, make others happy and surprisingly I'm ok with it.

And no, we're not transferring for work. We are definitely not pregnant (we? let's be honest there is no "we" in pregnant, unless Nicky Mags is going to get fat right along side of me. Plus, I'm chasing the gelato with some chardonnay. So there you have it.). We just made a really good decision for our little fam. More to come....

And it's these little things I've listed here, they have made me happy the last couple of days. I'm actually a bit on cloud nine right now. And Nick and I actually {surprisingly} agree. That is more impressive than anything! Trust me.

Linking up with the gorgeous Ashley today
PS...the person who won $145 cash-a-roo...your name starts with a "V" - Check Yo Email because Miss Karli sent you a note so you can claim it....if you don't? I might. =)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Cruz Style + Gap 35% Off Sale

Nothing like a change in season to get someone excited about new clothes.
Let's be honest, I'm always excited about new clothes.
Fortunately, I love buying Cruz new clothes as much as myself. Ok, almost as much. I'm being honest here, right?
Gap is one of my go to places for little man, so knowing they have a sale that ends today - 35% off regular prices!! - I had to snag some steals.
Here are our picks:

{Cool Kid}
I actually want this outfit myself. I love layering chambray with other prints, so this camo jacket over the chambray shirt will look great with bright white jeans and these cool aviators.
Camo // Sunglasses // White Jeans // Chambray Shirt
 I'm not even close to being a hipster, but that doesn't mean Cruz can't be rocking the style. This is the perfect outfit for running errands around town or doing a little shopping. And skinny jeans on baby boys. Seriously.
Hoodie // V-Neck // Slip-Ons // Jeans
I can't get over a preppy little one and this outfit will be great for Sunday church (Oh, that means I have to get us up and out the door in time? Got it.) or brunch with the fam. Love a pop of color under an otherwise neutral look.
Waffle Hoodie // Sandal // Polo // Linen Pant

{Jammy Jams}
What is it about PJs on little kiddos. I melt ever single night when it's pajama time. It's a mix of the fitted tops that highlight his buddha belly and the skinny pants that make me go wild. Gap has some of the coziest PJs - you know I love stripes, but yellow, gray and stripes mixed with a lightening print? Swoon. And the ABCs jammies are just too cute.
Lightening PJs // ABC PJs
A night time look isn't complete without slips. We had the cutest pair of gray and orange dinosaur slippers, but I can't for the life of me find one of them so we have been going without slippers at night and that isn't acceptable. I think these will be a perfect fit for his bedtime look.
Slipper Moccs

 {Easter Egg Hunt}
With Easter coming up, I just had to get this shirt. The bulldog with ears? Come on. I think this will be the perfect outfit for hunting down eggs after church on Easter morning. I love layering, so the linen shirt unbuttoned over the top of the tee will be the cutest.
Tee // Linen Shirt // Short

Do you know what really helps when you are going on a shopping spree? Free moo-lah. Don't forget we have a $145 cash gift card giveaway going on right now! But it ends tomorrow, so get yourself signed up...and good luck! Check it out here.

If you follow me on Insta, you already know I made loads of room in my closet yesterday. I think that calls for some shopping for me too. Cruz can't have all the fun. Off I go!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

#lasiswknd : Part Three, Saturday

Thanks for following along with one of my fave trips to date. Click here for day one and two.

Saturday morning, we decided to give Runyon Canyon one more go. For starters, we were sure there was more of a shot we would bump into Kellan Lutz walking his dog or Lauren Conrad getting in a nice morning hike, plus we wanted to get higher in the hills for the better views - and a better workout.

And then we came to this. The hill of death - at least that's how we were referring to it. The pictures don't even do it justice, but I could just envision my klutzy self tripping on a rock and pummeling down it and off the side of the hill. The smile on my face? Purely for the picture. I was scared as hell.

These were our celebratory pics - amazed and excited that we actually made it down that death trap of a hill.

And then we went for celebratory drinks. Lots of them. And lunch. At Pink Taco.{I giggle just saying the name of that place. #immature} We sat there enjoying those delicious drinks staring out at Chateau Marmont and Sunset Boulevard for hours. And evidently taking loads of pictures. Like loads. Just see for yourself.
Then it was off to Beverly Hills. More specifically with directions plugged into navigation, we were heading to seek out Kim K's house.

Traveling through the Hills we saw some of the most impressive houses. And then we came upon our destination. Kimmy K's house was literally right there in front of us. Not blocked in by a gated entrance. I would recognize that driveway anywhere.

We evidently took the opportunity for some pics. Stalk much? Umm yes. Yes we did.

After that find, we figured we better try our luck and hit up Rodeo Drive.  We wandered for a while, but then decided it wasn't our scene so we headed down some of the side streets and found a Sprinkles Cupcake store. And it had a cupcake ATM. You put your money in, select your flavor (or in our case, flavors) and it comes out of the little hatch. Amazing.
After gorging ourselves on sweets, we needed to walk. And we walked ourselves right into a psychic. Neither Tess or I had ever had our palms read and figured why not. I'm definitely not more of a believer after the experience, but it was interesting to say the least.

We shopped a bit at Kitson trying to find the kiddos some gifts. Let's just say terribly overpriced gifts. Then figured we needed to head back to our neck of the woods. After a couple cocktails at a bar near our hotel. We made it back to our room and while trying to figure out where we were going to go to dinner. We did the unthinkable.
We called it a night.
We ordered a disgusting amount of room service - or amazing, depending on how you look at it - and rented a movie. And stayed in for the rest of the night.

And it was heaven. A whole movie with no kiddos to disturb and sprawled out in a comfy hotel bed? Yes, please.

And there you have it. Sometimes you just need a nice, little weekend away with your bestie. And we had the best time.

We even had our own hashtag.  #lasiswknd

Up next - girl's trip to Napa for my girl Angie's bachelorette party. California, wine and more wine. My idea of perfection.


Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patty's Day + A Giveaway!

What a fun day this is. Seriously, a holiday that in my mind was built around drinking green beer, eating Lucky Charms and corned beef & cabbage and basically getting as drunk as possible in the most obnoxious green clothing ever. 

My how it has changed for me since having C-man.

There are some similarities. I mean I do dress him up in obnoxious green clothing. And I try to add green food coloring to everything he eats, just to be festive, of course.

But gone are the days of taking the day off from work, getting up at the crack of dawn and downing beer after beer, car bomb after car bomb, taking a break for a nap around 4pm, just to gain my second wind for the rest of the night. Man, I miss those days.

But my liver definitely does not.

And who am I kidding. The thought of everything I just mentioned really does not appeal to me. #oldmamaproblems

We did have a fun little morning yesterday while we were drinking our green milk. Cruz was super excited to help me "make" it. And give me something to make that only requires dropping in some food coloring and you've got my kind of recipe! =)

Well, the lid of his John Deere sippy just didn't stay put, so I turned from my stove top - which was cooking up some scrambled cheese eggs and green pancakes - to see him covered from top to bottom in this green milk. Why do I think things like this are funny? He obviously doesn't. And check out that diaper, soaked the milk right up. It's huge!

I think my mom's comment was - "well just wipe him on the counter and soak it all up." Don't think the thought didn't cross my mind. I mean he was already covered in it. Why dirty up a clean dish rag?

And now for more exciting things - a lucky giveaway! I mean, lucky for the gal who wins it. A $145 Visa Gift Card is up for grabs thanks to Karli at September Farm and all of these other lovely ladies. Check them out, follow them on some social media sites, enter using the fancy pants rafflecopter below and wah-bam! you could be the winner of $145 buckaroos!
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very very best of luck! 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Now I'm off to quickly make my house look like it's not being lived in and make ourselves scarce quickly after for a couple more house showings today. I wish I could say this process is awesome. But it's not. It's a pain in the butt.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Five on Friday {March 14, 2014}

Back from vacation - yes, yes before you start asking, I will recap our amazing trip next week (ok, kidding about your excitement, but not about the posts to come!) - and loving the fact that we came back to amazing weather. This weekend is going to be no exception. Besides the fact that I'm working through Sunday, you better believe yo selves that I'm going to get my booty outside to run.

Before I get into anything else, I have to tell you how much I'm loving this commercial. Have you seen it?

Loving everything about it. You gotta check it out.

Also, loving s'mores. So you know I love me some graham crackers. Which makes this ad all the more fantastic.

Cruz has gotten used to using glow sticks for every bath time, so much so that if we don't have any he kind of freaks. {face slap to forehead} Not sure why I do this stuff to myself, but in midst of a freak out the other night when I told him we didn't have any glow sticks left, I improvised.

Balloons in the bath. Who would've thought they were so fun, but this kiddo was loving them!

My preggo mask is back in full force since our trip, which means I have mean splotches of brown, extra-pigmented skin on my face - on the bridge of my nose, my cheekbones, my forehead, upper lip and chin. It sucks. I would take a pic, but it would scare you all. It's that bad.

So I'm hitting up a medspa on Monday morning. I definitely will get skin lightening creams, but they may want to do some chemical peels. I've never had a chemical peel - have you? All I picture is Samantha from SATC going to Carrie's book party with a cover over her face because it was bright red and peeling. Not sure that is making it more enticing, but we will see.

I've been recapping the trip my sister and I took to LA last June the past couple of weeks and it has brought back memories of all the fun we had when we were there, but my fave is yet to come. It's the one where I was on Kimmy K's steps of her house. Recognize this driveway anyone?

Here is a recap of our first day and our second if you haven't had a chance to check them out!

Obviously coming home from a vacation can be bittersweet, meaning I'm super bummed that I don't have a butler waiting on me hand and foot any longer and I'm not laying out in the gorgeous Mexico sun. =( But on the positive, I found out I'm taking a group of customers on a cruise to the Bahamas the second week of April. So I guess I can't be that upset. I mean if the job requires it, I suppose someone has to do it, right?

Have the best weekend!

Natasha // Darci //  April // Christina