Monday, March 3, 2014

#lasiswknd : Part One, Thursday

I can't believe it's been almost nine months since our epic sister's trip to LA (#lasiswknd) and I still haven't talked about it. Well, until now, that is.

I figured the week after the Oscars was better than any time, since we stayed right on Hollywood Blvd where the stars walked the red carpet on Sunday night.

As I mentioned here, Tessa and I had been meaning to get away on a girl's weekend, just the two of us for such a long time. But, of course, our schedules, kids, life, everything always got in the way and took precedence. Until we just made ourselves schedule a weekend away. And it was one of the best weekend's I've had. I love that girl.

And because it was such an amazing trip, I've got three posts scheduled to cover it. Yep. THREE.
If you don't like girl's weekends / traveling with your bestie / celebs / LA...then my posts for the next couple of days will not be for you.
At the airport, you guessed it, we housed some cocktails before our flight and then a couple more on the way to LA. Hey, it was vacation and we were without kiddos, so what do you expect?
But I had to sober up toward the tail end of the flight so I could be the driver. Me. Driving on the freeway. In LA. I'm lucky my sis is so trusting.
We headed to The Grove because we had mapped out that we were going to make it to a live taping of Extra...and see us some AC Slater. Turns out you should probably do your research prior and we would've realized Extra wasn't filming there on that particular day. {insert sad face}
What are two girls to do when their day's plans to meet all kinds of celebs were shot? Stock up on candy and go directly to the nearest patio for cocktails and an impromtu fashion show.
We said the candy was gifts for the kids. But I can tell you that candy didn't make it past the first night. Just sayin.

We headed to our hotel - the Loew's if you are looking for a great place to stay - where we got to see the Hollywood sign for the first time. See it in the pic below?! And while we were getting ready for the night, we found out that earlier that day Jennifer Lopez, yes J. Lo, received the 2,500th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Like mere steps from our hotel, mere minutes before we arrived in LA. (planning fail #2).
This guy made it better.

As we were taking in the sites and walking down Hollywood Blvd, we were approached for a deeply discounted Hollywood homes tour. 

"Can we bring cocktails," we asked. "Sure, I will pretend I don't know anything," the peddler replied.

We had 15 minutes before our ride left, so we high-tailed it to the liquor store across the street and loaded up - two large diet cokes and malibu for Tessa and a bottle of vodka and two big club sodas for me.

We weren't messing around.

The best part? Our ride was a conversion van with the roof cut off. And it.was.awesome.

The balcony from Pretty Woman.


Charlize Theron.

Justin Timberlake's house is just beyond that gate.
Gate to Tom Cruise's home.


If you look up to the top of the pic you can see part of Jennifer Aniston's home. You know I needed my pic with Jen's house. She's my girl.
We were on the tour for about three hours and by the end we were pretty toasted. I can't tell you what a great time it was. Getting a quick overview of LA and seeing the stars' homes, was my idea of the perfect first night.

Here's the deal. The driver could've been feeding us a piece of bullshit and all of the homes we saw may not belong to anyone he said...but I won't believe that. We were amongst the stars that night.

I know you are waited with bated breath for the next day of our trip. Don't worry. It's coming soon. =)



  1. Hell I know I am. I will love vicariously through you. You are one hot mama. Said it before. Saying it again. I've always wanted to hit up Cali. And Cali with booze? Swoon.

  2. SOOOOO FUN! Sista time is the best!!!!! xx

  3. What a fun sister's trip! I've always wanted to go to LA too - love the pictures! Charlize Theron's house looks amazing!

  4. That sounds like so much fun! I lived in San Diego for college and I wish I had traveled up to LA more to explore it when I was so close. However that traffic nightmare is for the birds!

  5. hahahaha yessssss i love that a lot of trust was expressed on day #1!! can't wait to see what you beautiful girls were up to on day #2 :D

  6. I love this! I miss living in LA so much and the star tours are SO fun! I never thought to bring booze - BRILLIANT idea!!

  7. First of all, you and your sister are gorgeous! What a fun weekend! I've only been out to LA once but I want to go back - so much to do and see! And Pretty Woman is actually on TV in my house right now :)

  8. I give you SO much credit for not jumping out of the car passing JT's house! I have been having an itch to go to CA recently and can't decide between SF and LA - your post has me leading towards LA now! Can't wait to hear about the rest of the trip!

  9. Love this!!! I have always wanted to go!!


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