Sunday, March 23, 2014

Cruz Style + Gap 35% Off Sale

Nothing like a change in season to get someone excited about new clothes.
Let's be honest, I'm always excited about new clothes.
Fortunately, I love buying Cruz new clothes as much as myself. Ok, almost as much. I'm being honest here, right?
Gap is one of my go to places for little man, so knowing they have a sale that ends today - 35% off regular prices!! - I had to snag some steals.
Here are our picks:

{Cool Kid}
I actually want this outfit myself. I love layering chambray with other prints, so this camo jacket over the chambray shirt will look great with bright white jeans and these cool aviators.
Camo // Sunglasses // White Jeans // Chambray Shirt
 I'm not even close to being a hipster, but that doesn't mean Cruz can't be rocking the style. This is the perfect outfit for running errands around town or doing a little shopping. And skinny jeans on baby boys. Seriously.
Hoodie // V-Neck // Slip-Ons // Jeans
I can't get over a preppy little one and this outfit will be great for Sunday church (Oh, that means I have to get us up and out the door in time? Got it.) or brunch with the fam. Love a pop of color under an otherwise neutral look.
Waffle Hoodie // Sandal // Polo // Linen Pant

{Jammy Jams}
What is it about PJs on little kiddos. I melt ever single night when it's pajama time. It's a mix of the fitted tops that highlight his buddha belly and the skinny pants that make me go wild. Gap has some of the coziest PJs - you know I love stripes, but yellow, gray and stripes mixed with a lightening print? Swoon. And the ABCs jammies are just too cute.
Lightening PJs // ABC PJs
A night time look isn't complete without slips. We had the cutest pair of gray and orange dinosaur slippers, but I can't for the life of me find one of them so we have been going without slippers at night and that isn't acceptable. I think these will be a perfect fit for his bedtime look.
Slipper Moccs

 {Easter Egg Hunt}
With Easter coming up, I just had to get this shirt. The bulldog with ears? Come on. I think this will be the perfect outfit for hunting down eggs after church on Easter morning. I love layering, so the linen shirt unbuttoned over the top of the tee will be the cutest.
Tee // Linen Shirt // Short

Do you know what really helps when you are going on a shopping spree? Free moo-lah. Don't forget we have a $145 cash gift card giveaway going on right now! But it ends tomorrow, so get yourself signed up...and good luck! Check it out here.

If you follow me on Insta, you already know I made loads of room in my closet yesterday. I think that calls for some shopping for me too. Cruz can't have all the fun. Off I go!


  1. Love the clothes, did you buy all of them?! And I wondered why you didn't have his Dino slippers packed when he came to stay with us!

  2. Always love your picks. Cruz is such a good dresser! ;)

  3. So cute! I'm glad you posted this... I've had some stuff for Clay just waiting in my cart. Time to buy!

  4. My boyfriends god son would look adorable in these! Thank you!

  5. Love the looks! I'm loving Gap's Spring collection for little guys, adorable! xo

  6. Gap Baby has been so dangerous for me! I want to buy every ruffled lacy dress they have. This girl is sure ruining her mama's clothing budget!

  7. Is it sad that I like the Gap Kids/Baby clothes better for myself than the full size ones?

  8. i love the preppy look OH and love that he has a "bed time" look- hahaha you have the best dressed little boy i "know"!


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