Monday, March 10, 2014

#lasiswknd : Part Two, Friday

Nothing like a week later to continue recapping our LA sister's trip. If you missed it, day one is here. Now onto day two. I just know you've been waiting around for it! =)

We got up bright and early, partly because we were in bed at a decent time the night before (roadies and a three hour celeb tour will do that to a couple of old mamas), but also because we were itching to see more of LA.

Since Runyon Canyon is basically an LA must-see, we decided to hit it up Friday morning. And it was beautiful. But it's no joke. We were expecting a nice little stroll, but definitely got our workout on.

These stairs were killer...

But the views of the city were amazing...

Afterwards, we starting the first of our many Kardashian stalking sessions - checking out Dash. We have both been big fans of KUWTK's since the first episode. Yes, I know, it's pathetic, but it's true.

We did have fun checking out the store and posing in the fitting rooms. We just had to - we were in the first Dash store! Well kind of, the first was in Calabasas but was closed and moved to this Melrose location. (But, of course, all of you true Kardash fans know that.) =)

We also pretended shop, but lezz be honest, we weren't there to buy. We just wanted to be there. To check it out. To maybe catch a glimpse of them and their papparazzo. (Seriously, I'm making us sound a bit stalkerish, but hey it was our girl's trip and we can stalk who we want to. Am I right?)

We then headed to Malibu and I can tell you we were both in awe when we crossed under the tunnel and as we came out we were looking right out into the ocean. It was beautiful. We then stopped for lunch at Duke's - known for it's view overlooking the ocean as well as for it's fresh seafood.

And because we didn't have any plans that afternoon and we realized Calabasas was so close, we decided to head that way. We had to check out the section of town that we watch so much on KUWTK. Yep. We headed to try and spot the famous Kardashian fam. The only thing that would've made this road trip better would've been cocktails, but remember I was driving us all weekend and definitely wouldn't have risked it. 

Ok, this is where it gets interesting, while we were driving to Calabasas, Tessa had been googling Kris Jenner's house. And we found it. But Tommy, the guard, wouldn't let us past the gate. Even though we promised we were normal fans from Nebraska just wanting to take a peek. Although we might've at first pretended we were a real estate agent and a prospective buyer. Tommy wasn't buying it since we were in our Hyundai Sonata rental. We tried to convince him we needed to be let through the gate so we could turn around, but he wasn't buying that either and made us back up. Damn.

We then googled Kourtney's house, I mean they live just down the road and we had come all that way. Of course, her community was gated too and the line up at the gate was quite long, so we decided that there wasn't an easy way out if we got turned away (and who were we kidding, we would get turned away), so we left. On our way down the hill we saw a black Mercedes parked at one of those blue mailboxes and just as we were passing by we confirmed it was Ken Jeong - like THAT Ken Jeong from the Hangover movies. We wouldn't have believed it ourselves but then Tessa googled his address and it was in none other than Kourtney's gated community. Our first celeb spotting and it's the guy who plays the coke-snorting, small you-know-what man. Eh, it was something. =)  

We determined we weren't going to have any luck in Calabasas to we made our way back to LA and decided to walk Hollywood Blvd, which was just outside our hotel.

I had to take a pic with this guy or Cruz would just never forgive me.

 We saw Dolby Theatre. Which is where the Oscar's take place.

Grauman's Chinese Theater.

Capitol Records....

And the 2,500th Hollywood Star, fresh in the ground from the day prior. I still can't believe we missed J. Lo by mere hours!

My girl Jennifer Aniston's star. 

Dinner that night was Madeo, a hole in the wall Italian joint that we were told is where all the stars hang out. My friend Jill was there the prior year and had dinner next to Lorraine Bracco - who is famously known as the shrink on The Sopranos. Ok, so it's not Brad Pitt, but what do you expect, he is out schlepping his brood across the world. After a delicious dinner, we hopped over the restaurant's bar where we had the best time with the Italian bartenders and chatting up the owner, who had previously been asleep against the wall in the corner of the restaurant. Poor guy.

Many free drinks and shots of Limoncello later, we hit up Chateau Marmont. As we were walking through with the hostess, we asked if there was a section with seats, she must've sensed our Midwest sweetness (or lack of coolness, not sure which) and led us to a roped off VIP table with bottle service. And because we were two lone girls in a private section, there were random dudes approaching us, and our newly favorite hostess did a great job kicking them out of our area, so we could enjoy some cocktails and people watching by ourselves. Just before we imbibed a bit too much and needed to get back to the room to pass out. (Damn, it sure does suck getting old.)

 More of our trip to come later this week. This is one you will want to stick around for...I'm actually on the steps of Kim K's house and I didn't get arrested. Plus, we finally had Sprinkles cupcakes and they had a cupcake ATM. Nothing short of amazing!


  1. Lol, you crack me up! Can't wait to hear the rest!

  2. um...this entire post. YES! I love that you tried to sweet talk Tommy. HA! I stalked Kardashian Khaos when in Vegas and may have taken 1-10 photos with a poster of Khloe. It's cool. I can't wait to read about and SEE your photo at Kim's. Also, where on earth do you gals shop? I think I need to pay you to be my stylist! :)

  3. Your photos are amazing!! Seriously sounds like you guys had the best trip!! I would and have gone to many DASH stores just to try to catch a glimpse lol! Chateau ladies might as well be famous now!! :)

  4. This is hilarious! What a fun girls trip!! Can't wait to hear and see the rest.

  5. I actually was waiting for this. ;) all these fabulous places and all the stalking - I love it. I would never have the lady balls to try and get past the gate but I sure do love reading about your attempts!!

  6. Can't wait to read more! I went on a very similar LA trip in Oct - isn't it so much fun? -NY Rachel

  7. I love this!! This is what a girls trip is all about! And so funny your first celeb sighting was Ken Jeong. When I was in LA three years ago, I only saw Jamie Lee Curtis which was cool but it was no Kardashian! And Duke's is amaaazing! We went there in Hawaii for our honeymoon and they have the best mai tai's!

  8. I'm so freaking jealous. I LOVE CA! And you were in DASH? Gahhh the jealousy continues!!

  9. OMG, I love that you did everything touristy! I would definitely make a point to see the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen star. And how fun that you posed in the Dash store. Too perfect :)
    xo TJ

  10. you girls crack me up!!! i need to travel to a star studded location with you- you are fearless! hahaha

    THAT ken Jeong has always kind of freaked me out...

    cant wait to see day #3


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