Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dreams & Other Things

My friend Jill and I have been recently discussing dreams and what they mean.

I have a recurring dream where I'm in a basketball game and I have the ball, but I cannot dribble for the life of me (even though I was a fine dribbler back in the day) and shooting the ball? Out of the question. My arms won't move how I want them to, I keep losing the ball to the other team and I recall the feeling of embarrassment.

I've had this same dream for a couple years now and at random times. I can't figure out what it means.

It makes me think back to some of the crazy ass dreams I had when I was pregnant with Cruz. I heard preggo dreams were wild, but I never thought actually realized it until this dream.

At the time I was a month from having little man and have to admit it scared me a bit more about child birth...and mutant babies.

Speaking of scared, early Saturday morning Cruz woke up crying out for us around 4am.  Besides the fact that I was really enjoying my sleep at that very moment, I had worked late Friday night and was just plain tired, but of course dragged my butt out of bed and across the house.

He was legit crying, big tears coming out of his eyes, when I got to his room.

I picked him up and he sobbed, "mommy, dat guy under my crib keeps tickling my chest. Dere's a guy under my crib."

I stopped dead in my tracks. The hair on my arms was sticking straight up. Being a girl who has watched a plethora of scary movies in my lifetime, I started thinking the absolute worst.

"Cruzer, there is no guy under your bed," I said.

"But mama, dere is. Dere's a guy and he keeps tickling my chest."

I swallowed my fear (seriously I didn't really think there was a guy under his crib, but I was still freaked out), set him in the rocking chair and got on my knees to look under his bed. "Cruz there's only a baseball bat under there. Nothing else."

"But mama, batman is under my bed and kept tickling my chest."

Phew. Nothing at all. But it was enough to scare the pants off me for a mere minute. I still don't know what he was dreaming about, nor do I really want to, but I do know I sure was glad there wasn't a guy under there. =)

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Now off to enjoy the Oscars and some Mai Thai with my boys. Couldn't ask for a better night.

As long as the wacko dreams leave us alone.


  1. Oh Dear, this makes my heart race just reading this! My Hubby is gone 10 nights out if the month. I pray I never have to look under Sam's crib. Good job Mama:)

  2. My kids come from a long line of dreamers. Active dreamers. Scares the hell out of me. I think dreams means something. I need a book.

  3. Umm. This gave me chills. I probably (definitely) would have freaked out with him! I've always had crazy dreams but have learned to wake myself up from the scary ones. Unfortunately, I think Clay has them too. We've had a few nights where he's woken up screaming and only being held and moved to my bed helps :(

  4. Oh my goodness, my first thought was the Paranormal Activity movies! YIKES! Also I'll never look at a baby monitor the same way again after seeing the movie Signs :0
    Glad it was just Batman ;)

  5. freaky!! i have crazy dreams too and remember them 99% of the time!


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