Saturday, October 15, 2011

Weird Dreams

I had read a while back that preggo ladies sometimes start having weird dreams. At the time, I was feeling pretty normal and shuffled this to the back of my mind since my dreams had been relatively normal. Fast forward to this past week and I have definitely been experiencing some weird ones!

Earlier this week, I had a dream that the baby was moving around in my stomach and somehow punctured his uterus home and got out, but was still inside me. I basically had a skin baby and could see every outline of his body under the skin. I had to hold him up because my stomach wasn't containing him and the doctor couldn't do anything abou it. So I was the weird preggo lady with the skin baby that I had to hold while he was still under my skin.....then I woke up. I blame this a bit on the fact that the night before he was moving like crazy and I pulled up my tank to see if I could see his hand or foot as I understand so many pregnant women then going right to bed after that left thoughts of my baby's outline on my brain.

Then a couple nights later, I had a dream that I was in the car (scratch that it was an excursion van) pregnant with my mom, sister, dad, brother and a few other people I don't recall and at one point I was still pregnant and later I wasn't pregnant and had the baby in my arms. The baby was sleeping and was so innocent and cute when everyone was looking, but as soon as they turned away, he turned into a possessed baby who didn't like me and was trying to hurt me. As soon as anyone's attention was on him he would resume the sleeping position. Scared, but not wanting to tell anyone, I finally put him in his seat (which was in the far back of the van) and fastened him up, but he was still trying to get at was a weird Chucky version of my baby! I remember waking up from that dream scared to death and grabbing my belly to make sure my little guy was still there and praying this little mutant baby was gone. It was so crazy!

Hopefully these dreams will not last and I'm pretty sure they aren't telling of my future, but they were very vivid and that time and definitely scared me a bit!

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