Monday, October 24, 2011

36 Weeks: What's New...

Due date: November 21st - 4 weeks away...officially starting my 9th month of pregnancy today!

Weight gain: 1lb (17 total pregnancy)

Baby developments: Lil Mango is the size of a honeydew and continues to pack on the pounds. Normal babies are weighing almost 6lbs this week, however, our little guy is anything but normal and was weighing in at 6lbs 1oz last Monday so who knows how big he is today. He is over 18 1/2 inches long. His skin is getting smooth and soft, his gums are rigid, his liver and kidneys are in working order and his circulation and immune system are basically good to go. His lungs are the only organs that still need to fully mature, but every day he gets a little closer to breathing on his own.

A major development this week: at the end of the week he will be considered full-term which means if I went into labor at that time, he would more than likely be fully developed. Just a few more days until full relief...

Cravings: I've realized that my "cravings" that I report each week aren't necessarily "cravings" per se, but instead my "flavor of the week." This week I had a soft spot for reduced fat Oreos (yes....I actually picked up the package that said reduced fat, because evidently that made me feel better about eating them). I have to say I blame one of my Hosts for this - last week we had a potluck on Sunday and she brought in Halloween Oreos and I haven't had Oreos in a long time - but once I had a couple at work I had to stop by Hy-Vee and pick up a bag of my own. It seemed as though Nick & I had a glass of milk and a couple Oreos every night this week (Nick's milk was Lactaid's version and I got the good stuff: Robert's Skim).

In reading back over my posts the past few months, I think I can safely say my true "cravings" have been sweets & chocolate and each week I have just been switching it up.

Aversions: none to note

Symptoms: lightening is in full swing and this little guy is descending. I believe the way my doctor put it this morning during my pelvic exam was "ooh, baby is really low." I definitely have felt a difference - there is much more room up top and I can breath much easier, however, the alternative is now that he is putting a lot of pressure on my bladder and lower body. I've had a sore lower back toward the end of the day as I'm trying to relax in bed. Today, it felt like he was purposely pushing on my bladder which was slightly uncomfortable.

I've noticed more contractions over the past week, which feel somewhat like period cramps, but different (that helps describe them, doesn't it?) I have also gotten the restless leg syndrome almost every night which has made it a bit more difficult to get to sleep, but nothing too terrible.

Sleep: has been good. I feel like I was up between 2am-2:22am each night this week to pee (2:22am exactly at least twice) and then again between 5am-6am. Most of the time I took the 2nd trip to the bathroom as my cue to wake up for the day, but a couple of times I headed right back to bed for another hour or so of sleep.

I am loving: every little thing about being pregnant (even the stuff that I complain about) because I know it's going to be over soon. And while I'm unbelievably excited to meet Cruz, it's been a pretty amazing experience the past 9 months.

One of my biggest loves so far: the chair in the nursery. It's finally come and it's better than I thought it would be (remember it here)! I love the soft, white fabric and found myself sitting in it quite frequently yesterday after it arrived. It really looks great in the room and I can't wait to get the new prints I ordered so I can finally hang the pictures in the room and call that room good!

 Best Storytime Series - Irvington in white

I am looking forward to: getting the room completed and putting together all of the great baby shower loot that we got this weekend for little man. Some of it that won't be used in the first few months is going in the back of the closet - but I've got the pack n play, car seat, swing, diaper pail and a few other things to get together.

I'm spazzing about: the fact that we will have a baby any day now. And while we are going to be as ready as we can, it still hasn't hit me how much our lives will be changing.

Best moment this week: one of the best moments is that Nick came along with me to my doctor's appointment today and got to hear the baby's heartbeat's been about three months since he's heard it (I get to so frequently at my appointments) that I think when she put the device up to my belly, it shocked him a bit.

Another great moment this week was the Omaha baby shower - thanks to the Gardner/Mango girls, Grammy Jan and Patricia for putting on such a gorgeous event (more to come later this week). It was a fun day and I got to catch up with so many people that I don't get to see so often.....and some I see a lot, but still enjoy getting to see!

The Hostesses: Brittany, Carly, Marcy, Morgan, Patricia and Grammy Jan

Cruz's beautiful Grandmas

Movement: a ton! This little guy is extremely active and I love that I now know when it's his foot or hand or booty pushing against me.

Milestones: making it to the 9th month has definitely been a huge achievement...and I can honestly say that it's been going by so quickly. Eeek - could I really be becoming one of those mamas who only remembers the good? Nah, I'm sure I won't, but things have been going so smoothly the past few weeks that I'm actually loving pregnancy!

It's a...: boy

Exercise: lot's of walking. Running has been out of the question for the past few weeks and I'm embarassed to say that lifting - legs or arms - has stopped completely as well.

Diet: besides the sweets has been relatively ok.

Goals for the upcoming week: the hospital bag for Cruz and I is officially it's up to Nick to make sure he gets his stuff together. But I do have a couple goals: finalize the nursery (waiting for a few more prints to arrive) and create the hospital list of "who to call" - there will be two components of this. One, who to call when we are heading to the hospital. Two, who we will call (and who will make the calls) when we deliver this little guy.

Belly shot:

36 week bump

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  1. Katie,

    CUTE room decor - how FUN! I think your body wakes you up to go to the bathroom so you can get used to the times that the baby will be waking to eat. Can't believe the baby will be here soon! Try to get some rest! You are looking amazing!



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