Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Little Bit of Work

The days are ticking down until Lil Mango gets here and I've been trying to bust my butt at work to get caught up on some things and fill my team in on anything and everything they might need to know while I'm out. Lately there have been a lot of changes at work, which in turn have resulted in a lot of additional responsbilities for me to focus on. I have to admit it's been stressful, but the work has paid off.

Last week, I received a promotion to Vice President of Marketing for our two properties. What does this mean you may ask....well it means that not only will I continue overseeing Casino Marketing, which has been my focus the past 7 years in some form or another, but I'm also taking over all of the marketing functions as well. I now have the advertising, PR and events/promotions teams reporting through me. Over the past few weeks (as I was interim), I have been trying to spend as much time with the new areas to soak up as much information as possible. Fortunately, Casino Marketing and Marketing have always worked very closely, so I have a good understanding of their day to day operations, but now I truly need to dive in and understand every aspect of these new areas - and for the most part before I go out on maternity leave.

I'm extremely fortunate that even with our senior management team knowing I'm going to be out soon on leave, they didn't look past me for this opportunity. But I need to quickly prove myself before I my time off and make sure that I don't allow my being out of the office to halt any business decisions from taking place. It also means getting prepared to balance an infant and my career. There is definitely a lot to do in the next few weeks...let's hope the stress doesn't send me over the edge and put me into early labor!

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  1. HOLY COW, GIRLFRIEND!!!! Congratulations! You will do great at both jobs - sounds like you're busting your butt to set your team up for success so you can enjoy your little bambino when he arrives. Good for you!


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