Monday, October 31, 2011

37 Weeks: What's New...

Due date: November 21st (3 weeks away and we are finally full-term!)

Weight gain: 1lb  (18 pounds total pregnancy)

Baby developments: Lil Mango is now the size of a watermelon and gaining about 1/2 an ounce a day. Many babies have a full head of hair at birth - the ultrasound tech confirmed this about Cruz at our last visit. He is also brushing up on his skills for the outside world - blinking, sucking, inhaling, exhaling and gripping...I have to add that he's definitely perfected his kicking and jabbing skills!

At my doctor's appointment this morning, I was still about 1 centimeter dialated, which at this point doesn't mean a ton because I could hang around 1cm for a while or it could change quick. She struggled to find the heartbeat for a while this morning and was concerned that he may have moved too much, but after what felt like forever the strong heartbeat came through and she confirmed that he is still in the right position.

Cravings: even I am starting to get shocked at just how much I crave sweets after every meal. Our pantry looks like a candy store/bakery...and if I'm even going to think about getting into my pre-pregnancy clothes after baby, then I need to start making some changes now!

Aversions: none to note

Symptoms: Braxton Hicks contractions and cramping have plagued me this week. I've become more uncomfortable - lower back pain when sitting or laying for a while, tons of movement, many of which are hard kicks & jabs. The baby has dropped and I can definitely tell that I'm not as winded as I used to be, but my bladder is suffering now and I have to pee ALL THE TIME.

I think I'm getting to the point where I may be ready to get this baby out of me, but I feel like a major whiner in the meantime...thankfully Nick's been very understanding.

Sleep: I've been getting to bed earlier, but waking up much earlier than normal...frequent trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night and usually by my 5am-6am trip, I cannot get back to sleep. This morning was the earliest yet - up at 4am and haven't been back to sleep.

I am loving: all of the time I've been spending with Nick and our famillies. Last weekend my mom came down the night before the shower and it was great just having alone time with her. She has been so helpful and amazing answering all of my silly questions and giving me advice. On Saturday night we had dinner with Nick's dad John and his stepmom Janice. And yesterday we had brunch with Nick's mom Carol, her boyfriend Duane and Marc & Brittany. Prior to brunch, I met Tessa and the fam down at Elmwood park to take family pics for their Christmas card.  I love catching up with family and it all just reminds me how lucky we are to have such amazing people in our lives and how lucky Cruz will be when he gets here.

I am looking forward to: obviously just for lil Mango to get here. It's been such a long journey, but very exciting along the way. Now I just can't wait to meet him, see what he looks like and find out what his personality will be like.

I'm spazzing about: As the end nears, there are just so many questions I can't answer which leads to me being even more anxious, nervous and excited...Will I have severe contractions when it's time and know that I'm going into labor? Will my water break - and if it does will I be one of the few percent of women where it actually breaks and gushes? A nightmare of mine is that my water will break hard core, in the middle of the casino floor, in front of a huge group of people. Will I go early or will I go into labor after my due date? Should I work up until my due date - what if I'm over my due date, should I set a drop dead last-day-of-work date?

Best moment this week: the nursery is almost done - seriously - just one last touch and the big reveal pics will be out! Doesn't it feel like I've been working on this room forever?? It absolutely feels that way to me but I'm so excited how it's turned out! I love spending time in the room and lounging on the rocker. I just can't wait until we bring Cruz home so he can see his room for the first time.

I've also enjoyed nesting and getting things around the house ready. We put together the swing, diaper pail, baby monitors, baby shower Thank Yous are done, set up the humidifier and put the Pack n Play up in our room, which we will be using as a bassinet. There isn't much left to do, except for have this baby.

And, finally, I'm happy that Nick and I finally made it out to another movie today - we had been seeing them so frequently for a while but with work and other conflicts it wasn't happening....this afternoon was a perfect time. Afterwards, I drug Nick into Carter's to return a few things and was shocked that this was his first trip to a baby store....well, if I'm being honest I'm not that shocked....

Movement: he continues to move like crazy - more and more every day. I can see my stomach moving as he kicks and jabs. And now it's not only movement when I'm in relax mode - he is moving when I'm walking, when I'm sitting, whenever.

Milestones: three weeks left, which means that he is now fully developed. At this point, he could come at any time and there shouldn't be any worries.  That is a very comforting feeling, especially since I still have a feeling he's going to come early.

It's a...: boy

Exercise: has been sparse this past week - I'm going to make an effort to walk more often this week. If for no other reason than because they say it helps move labor along.

Diet: my efforts toward this haven't been the best either, especially with the sweets I mentioned previously.

Goals for the upcoming week: to find the last piece of the nursery and finish it completely, plus tidy up the closet that has been a bit of a catch-all in that room since the baby shower.

Belly shot:

37 week baby bump
Look at that bump!

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  1. Your getting so close! It's fun reading your thoughts and remembering being there just a few short months ago. It'll all work out and those questions will be answered in no time!


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