Thursday, October 20, 2011

From His Mouth to this Blog

Some of the things that come out of my hubby's mouth are too good not to share....

Nick & I were driving to work Tuesday morning and we were talking about the day we go into labor and things he needed to remember as the "sane" one since I'm sure I will be a bit frantic. We were also talking about having the baby in general and how much our lives are going to change.

Me: "What's the one major thing you need to remember...."

Nick (excitedly interrupting...and drop dead serious): " feed the baby every day!"

Me: "Uh....well, I was going to say 'what's the one thing you need to remember when we check into the hospital.' And that would be to ask for the bigger room with a double bed since we will have a lot of visitors.  But yes, we definitely need to remember to feed the baby every single day. Good answer."

Seriously...would remembering to feed the baby every day even be a question I need to ask??? Evidently so....oh, how I love my husband and the way his mind works.


  1. So funny! As much as this baby is about to change your life (and it will!) its going to ROCK Nick's. I cant believe what a different person Andi is now that Tory is here. I think its because you somewhat know what to expect and husbands are so blindsided by it all. Its the best thing to happen to you though!

  2. I laughed at this for like 10 minutes, and somehow I wasn't very surprised that this came out of his mouth. Looks like you have the feeding thing down, now break the news that it needs to be about every 3 hours day and night when he is newborn very carefully to Nick. This might put him over the edge



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