Monday, October 3, 2011

Feeling the Symptoms....and Curing Them

Last night was bad....way bad. I was planning to go to bed early to recover from Saturday night's birthday escapades and just as I'm getting ready to jump into bed...the sickness started. From 8pm until 8am, I vomitted and "the other" off and on about every hour or two throughout the night. I was miserable and couldn't figure out what it was. Flu? No way, I got my flu shot a couple weeks ago and that should ward off any chance that I get the flu.  Food poisoning? Couldn't be, Nick ate the same things I had on Sunday and was feeling fine.  After I had thrown up every last bit of food in my stomach, I started getting sick from the water I was drinking.....but I was sooo thirsty, so I kept getting sick.

Fortunately, I already had a doctor's appointment scheduled for this morning, so I went in and my doctor confirmed it was the stomach flu. I left her office and went straight home and back to the couch. I tried to sleep a bit and actually was able to suck down some chicken broth. Nothing else was staying down.

Around 2pm I started feeling a little better, although I still really hadn't eaten anything, and Nick asked if I would be up to go car shopping - which we had planned to do before I had gotten sick. I figured as long as a bathroom was nearby and I didn't eat anything, it would be nice to get out of the house.

We had been talking for about the last month about trading my car in and getting something else. Most of you know that Nick has never been a fan of my little Mazda CX-7 - and he had affectionately named it "the Grocery Getter." We had pretty much agreed on the newer styles of the Jeeps and I had been surfing the internet and found one that matched what we were looking for at Gene Steffy.

We jumped into my car and headed to Fremont and as soon as we test drove it, we knew it had to be ours. Nick wheeled and dealed with the salesman (it was very impressive might I tell you) and three hours later we were the proud owners of a brand-new (and I'm talking 31 miles!) 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo in white. It had everything I needed: navigation, sunroof, leather, keyless entry & starter, push button start....I love it! And I love my husband for getting it for me. Check it out:

My new car - perfect for our growing family

What a great end to what had started off as a crappy day...

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  1. I saw your birth story on another blog today & have been reading all about your Baby Cruz leading up to his Birthday! Had to comment!! I bought this same exact Jeep in August - I'm obsessed with it! Sounds like we got the same feature package and I got white too :) Isn't it the BEST! It will be great for baby!!

    You look great, glad the baby is doing so well! I love reading back about the process! I'm almost 26 weeks - so following along is super helpful!!


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