Monday, October 17, 2011

Doctor's Appointment Scare

This morning I went to my regular check-up at Dr. McTaggart's office. The Dr. came in and checked the heartbeat (strong) and then measured my belly - which is how each appointment has gone for the past few months. As she was writing down the measurements, she mentioned that she was concerned that the baby was measuring small and asked if I noticed that he had dropped. I explained to her that I'd had some cramping this weekend and chalked it up to working crazy hours and being on my feet a lot at work.  She told me she wanted to set up an ultrasound to have the baby checked out to make sure he was measuring ok. I asked her if everything was fine and she told me she just wanted to make sure since we hadn't seen him in a while. Shortly after she left the room to set it up.  Then the nurse came back in and told me to head to Bergan where she had set up an ultrasound for right now.

As I was walking out, I started to get scared. What if everything wasn't ok? I called Nick and, being the emotional basketcase that I am, started bawling. The poor guy didn't get the whole story - all he could hear was baby was measuring small. He asked if he could come meet me down at the hospital but I told him since they had scheduled it right away I would go and let him know as soon as I got information.

I composed myself (somewhat) and got checked in at the hospital and was taken to another doctor's office, where the nurse started with the ultrasound. She was very nice and helped me feel at ease. It was great seeing him in the monitor since the last time we'd had an ultrasound was June. I saw him taking breaths, one of his lungs was moving. I saw his heart beating and heard his very loud, strong heartbeat again. She showed me that his head was down, getting prepared for birth, and was startled because of all the hair she saw and said he had a lot of hair (like his daddy). One of his hands was in a fist with the thumb up and then she put the wand up to my right side just under the rib cage where I've been feeling the most jabs and got a great shot of his foot. Now I know what to blame when I get those painful kicks!

I asked her if she could tell whether or not he was measuring ok - and she told me she wasn't allowed to give me any information - the doctor would fill me in.

Toward the end she was trying to get a profile pic but he was being stubborn and wouldn't move his hand from his face - she was pushing the wand down to try and get him to move the hand for one quick pic and this little guy was punching back up at the wand - he wasn't having any of it! She told me she was going to send the doctor in.

Dr. Barsoom came in and continued the ultrasound - he let me know the baby was measuring fine - actually he felt Cruz was about 6lbs 1oz - and he was going to be calling Dr. McTaggart to tell her everything is measuring great. He asked if I've been having any contractions and I explained I had cramping over the weekend but nothing that I felt was a contraction. He sent me off feeling so much better than I had felt when I went in....and so relieved.

I'm just so relieved to hear everything is going well in there. And I can't believe this little guy is already measuring in at 6lbs!! Only a short while now until we get to meet him.

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