Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Big Checkmark: the Registry

Tessa and I finally found a day that worked to make the trek to Kearney to visit my friend Shauna's store, "Time for Baby." Shauna started Time for Baby (check it out here) approximately six years ago and it's become such a cool space. It's located in downtown Kearney and she carries so many brands that you can't find in Nebraska at the regular baby stores.
On Sunday, since Tessa had the whole day kid-free, we met early and hit up Babies R Us in Omaha to check out some baby stuff, went to lunch at Cilantro's and then jumped on I-80 for our journey to Kearney. (You would've thought we had two 70-year-old women in the car as much as we needed to make stops to use the bathroom on the way, once we were in Kearney and on our way home.) We got to Kearney a bit early so we hit up the world-famous Hilltop Mall and did a little reminiscing at some of my old college haunts.

When we got to TFB, it was great seeing Shauna and the new store (she moved to a new location not long ago) and then we got down to business. First order - check out the stroller I've been wanting and stalking online since she told me about it....and it didn't disappoint. I added the Baby Jogger City Select stroller in Diamond White to the registry and loved it even more when I could see all of the great features - it is compatible with the Chicco Keyfit carseat I wanted, folds and stores easily, has tons of storage and when we finally decide to have another little one, you can easily add another seat to make it a double stroller. How cool is that?

Baby Jogger City Select in Diamond White (love it!)

In addition to the Chicco Carseat, I added the Chicco Pack N Play and 360 Hook-On Highchair - which will be so convenient in our kitchen and won't take up a lot of space.

Chicco Keyfit 30 Carseat in Graphica

Chicco Playard in Graphica

Chicco 360 Hook-On High Chair

As soon as Tessa spotted the Puj Tub - we knew I had to have one. Not only are they extremeley convenient and easy to use BUT how about that name? Puj Tub for my little chubby baby....too cute! I also finalized the chair - Best Storytime Series - that Mom & Dad are going to be buying for the nursery. It rocks, swivels and reclines which will be great depending on how Little Mango will want to be handled in the middle of the night. Plus it is SO comfortable.

Puj Tub Soft Foam for bathtime (and some random baby...)

Best Storytime Series chair - fabric will be a soft white
(This fabric & color does not do the chair justice!)

One of the BEST parts about the day, Shauan happened to let it slip in conversation that she works with a local seamstress and does custom bedding - what is that, you say? Custom bedding? Just as I was beginning to give up hope that I would find bedding that I'd love and would have to go completely generic OR spend a fortune on a set I'd been eyeing. In six weeks, I will have gorgeous custom bedding (completely unique might I add) for the nursery with the main pattern being this Michael Miller Citron/Gray stripe fabric. It will be a crib skirt out of this fabric, a simple white crib sheet and the bumper will be white supersoft chenille with this fabric as the trim and ties. I am SO excited to see the finished product and how the vertical stripes for the bedding will fit in with the stripes on the walls.

Michael Miller Fabric - Citron Play Stripe

Later Shauna, Tess and I met the Amundson's for dinner after we finished up at the store - it was great seeing them and I really enjoyed the conversation....so much so that I have to share one little piece with you all. We were all talking about the baby and my blog (Barbara reads it and will often shoot me texts about posts) and Tessa mentioned something about Cruz. Barbara looked perplexed and asked "yeah, so why do you keep referring to him as Cruz?"

Tessa, Shauna and I look at each other confused and I respond, "um, because that's his name."

"Ohhhhh...I didn't realize that and thought it was just another nickname for the baby," (Barbara), which elicited laughter from the entire group.

It was such a great day and I'm so excited that I have the start to the registry completed....next steps - Target and Babies R Us for the rest of the registry. Tessa really has it coming if she thinks that was the last of it!

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