Monday, August 15, 2011

Groupies of the High School Kind...

Why is it when Tessa & I get together for concerts we become goofy little groupies? It happened when we went to Christina Aguilera at the Qwest, Goo Goo Dolls at Stir Cove last year (hello, Johnny Reznik?), Usher and most recently at Bush at Stir Cove on Saturday night. Our men joined us, but you wouldn't have known they were there, because we only had eyes for Gavin. I was able to sneak us into the M&G and it was so worth it!

Meet & Greet w/ Bush!

I got my two minutes with Gavin, but I wasn't prepared and was totally opening line " this your first time in Iowa?" (Really, Katie, that is all you could come up with?)

"No, I don't think so, but this must be your first time seeing me in Iowa." (Gavin - imagine this in his hot English accent)

"Oh yeah, you were here a couple years ago at Whiskey Roadhouse, but I had to miss it because I was out of town at my bachelorette party." (me)

"Oh, you're married?" (Gavin)

"Yeah. Thanks for the autograph!" (me)

Autographs with Gavin

What is a girl to say to one of her high school crushes?

I have to say my side of the interaction definitely wasn't eloquent by any means. Why couldn't I have asked him how his kids are doing or where he was headed next on tour? No, I use an old school pick-up line of sorts....and to top that off a really bad one!

Afterwards we met the guys out at the show and rocked out to some great music. Bush put on an amazing show  - none of us could stop talking about it. The songs definitely brought me back to high school and listening to their Sixteen Stone CD in my cool Chevy Corsica while driving mains in Emerson. I think Cruz enjoyed it too - he was moving around and kicking like a crazy man!

Gavin rockin it

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  1. Oh sure! I missed the part where you told him why you didn't get to see him last time because of the bachelorette party and you telling him you were married!!! That's why we didn't hang out after the took us off the market!!!! And while I realize we are both TOTALLY off the market, celebrities don't count...especially when said celebrity is on BOTH of our lists!!!!!! UGH!:) At least that explains it! :)


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