Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Clothes Wars

Every morning I have a fight with my closet before work....I just have nothing to wear these days and keep "out-growing" my work clothes. This morning was no different, especially as I left for work with my pants un-buttoned...and halfway zipped up...seriously.

After complaining to the one person who legally has to listen to me, Nick finally told me to go and get some new clothes and I agreed with him. It was time for me to visit A Pea in a Pod and buy some maternity gear. I went in and actually had some luck. I was actually pretty impressed at how comfortable the pants were with that stretchy thingy around the belly... Here are a couple of my purchases:

Twill Skinny Flare Work Pants

Sleeveless Scoopneck Tank

Jersey Knit Leggings

Mavi Serena Secret Belly Skinny Jeans

So...$300 later (this is more than I spend on some of my regular clothes!), I'm feeling much better about my wardrobe and I'm that much more excited for fall dressing...for now...


  1. I never liked the Gap before I was pregnant, but loved their maternity line. Might be another good place to check out!

  2. I agree, never was a big Gap fan either...I need to hit them up, though - our Gap Maternity selection is small but I figure I can try on a couple things and get size ideas and go online. I think I bought the same jogging pants you got - they are so comfy, I love how they just go right to the bottom of the belly so you don't have lines....


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