Saturday, August 20, 2011

How Am I Supposed To Know?

I had what I would call a "new mom" moment this week. A customer from work left me a baby gift and it was full of (what I now know are) handmade burp cloths and a couple treat storage thingys. So I called her and left a message to let her know I received it and to thank her. In my message I exclaimed, "thank you so much for the wash cloths, they look handmade! It was so sweet of you!" etc, etc.

I was talking to one of my employees to tell her what I got and she said, "um, they were burp cloths, not wash cloths."

And I was like, "oh yeah, I knew that but they are basically the same thing."

"No they're not, they are different." (her, laughing)

So, I left work and called Tessa on my way home to ask her. Through her initial laughter, she said it was ok and there wasn't a huge difference, but I should be aware they are in fact different when registering or using them after Cruz gets here.

Then to be sure I sent a text to mom - "is there a difference between burp rags and wash cloths when you're referring to a baby gift?" Figuring her response would be something like, "eh, not much of a difference."

Her response, "yes, burp rags are for burping & wash cloths are for baths." I do feel a little silly for not knowing there was a difference or that a burp cloth is longer than a wash cloth to catch more of the spit up (thanks, Google).  However, I bet that if I was in dire straits and only had one or the other - I could use a burp cloth to wash the baby and a wash cloth when burping the baby....right? I mean come on - they are both basically swatches of fabric...

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