Friday, August 5, 2011

Don't Judge Me

One thing you cannot do to a pregnant woman (or maybe it's just me...) is tempt me at lunch time...when I'm starving. I was going to bring my lunch to work today, but didn't and figured I would get something to tide me over in the employee dining room (EDR). Every day our employees can get a salad, sandwich or soup for free in our EDR. I don't use this amenity as often as I should because to be honest it's not as scrumptious as it sounds and the quality is what I'd call subpar. Today I wasn't expecting anything different BUT when I went in there, what did I find....

Yep, a warm pretzel, tortilla chips AND warm nacho cheese. Can you say YUM?  So naturally I did what anyone in my position would do - I skipped right past the salad and soup and made a beeline for the cheese. I'm not going to lie, I may have knocked over a cocktail server in my dive for the last pretzel, but it was well worth it. I figure I'm knocking out two of the food groups with my choice: dairy and grain. Plus I have a banana and some pickles I brought for a snack later that will round out everything but protein. All in I think I did pretty good. A well balanced and delicious lunch...(yes, I am using that excuse to justify eating this meal and I'm ok with it).

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