Friday, March 28, 2014

The Day I Got A Wax + Five on Friday

I realize I'm the last woman in all of America to get a wax.

But this was my first time.

Prior to our Mexico trip, I finally decided to woman up and got myself a wax.
Basically ALL of my friends have gotten themselves waxed up. I decided I needed to try it for myself. And why not before a major vacay?
I mean, to say the least this girl was anxious and nervous and anticipating loads of pain. I knew it would hurt. Bad.

And I knew I would be in some compromising positions, during this painful process.

But this is what women do, right?
I walked into Rain Salon, a nervous wreck. But as soon as I met Anni, I immediately liked her.

Thank God, right? I mean what if I didn't like her? That would've been terrible.
She asked me to get undressed - pants, panties, boots, but leave my socks on - damn, this girl gets right to business, doesn't she?

I waited for her to exit the room so I could get undressed, but she didn't leave. It took me a while before I realized I would be getting undressed while she was in the room. No time to be shy. Made sense being that in a few minutes I would be at my most vulnerable.

She told me she was going to start with the part that hurts the worst. Um, thanks? But in reality it made sense. Or at least it did in my head.

After the first two strips, I considered throwing in the towel. I wanted to stop her, tell her thanks for the experience, but that I was going back to the razor.

Wax, pat, rip. Wax, pat, rip.

Legs up. Get on all fours. Hold here. Press there. She was giving orders and I was complying.

Finally, the last strip was ripped off my screaming skin. I had talked, winced, held my breath and grinded my teeth through the entire hour process.

Then, it was done. And I was taking in her handy work.

I must say, she had a very soothing voice. She was very friendly. And I loved her Irish accent. We talked the.entire.time. It helped actually.

I got dressed, scheduled my next appointment - four weeks from the day - and like that I was done...and immediately called Nick to review the entire process.

The results:
Fast forward to vacation - it was beyond glorious being able to get up, shower and not worry about shaving. No razor burn to contend with. No fuss. Since I got both a Brazilian and full leg, all I had to worry about was my under arms. Easy peasy.

What was I waiting for all of this time?

My mom asked me the other day what I thought and I told her 100% she needed to plan it before her next vacation. I don't know if she will do it - I mean, I have been "talking" about doing it for years now - but if she does, I guarantee she will feel the same way I do. I gave her the very detailed account of my experience, your welcome for not going into the down and dirty here. Well, kind of.

There you have it. My waxing experience. Nothing like a little TMI, a lot of pain and just laying it out there for the world to read.

Natasha // Darci // April // Christina
And even though it wasn't the end of the world, I still would rather do almost anything than get a are FIVE things in particular.

Relive my first trimester. Not only tired all the time and puking, but with every tom, dick and harry thinking it's ok to just approach me and touch my belly at the very moment they find out I'm with child.

Present to a room full of my peers at work, only to realize I'm completely naked, not them like I was picturing in my mind.  And not only that, but said wax obviously hadn't happened, so you can imagine the sight.

To live a life without Friends. Not only have I been an addict when it was on TV back in the 90s, but these days I watch at least four episodes a week. Suffice it to say I know every single line. (Could I BE wearing any more clothes?)

Drink a gallon of ice water without a straw. If there is anything a girl with sensitive teeth hates more, it's ice water and it is the most painful when you're missing a straw. Just trust me.


Sit in traffic for three hours. Omaha traffic. Some of you may think there is no such thing, and there really isn't, unless there is a snowstorm or accident...and traffic when the general public isn't used to traffic is waaaay worse than when people expect it on the daily.

So tell me, have you gotten a wax? I have to was it for you?? =)

Happy yourself a favor and have an amazing weekend!


  1. Lol this post is hysterical!!! I've yet to get waxed because imTERRIFIED! Yes, I've given birth twice, but I'm terrified of waxing! Glad you were brave and enjoyed the results. Me? I'll live with the occasional razor burn ;)

  2. Haha this is too funny! You are braver than I shall ever be. I love the five things too. I have the worst sensitivity to cold liquids. And friends forever and ever amen.

  3. You just made my Friday with the Friends picture. Joey is the best.

  4. FRIENDS will always be a go to of mine :) ha! and i've NEVEr gotten waxed either girl so no worries- glad you were able to enjoy the results! stopping by from the Five on Friday link up! Your blog is super cute :) Hope you check mine out as well!

  5. hahaha I got my first one before our honeymoon and was in the same boat! The first 2 pulls were the worst and I thought omg I'm going to involuntarily kick her in the face- after that it was ok and super quick. Oh the things we go through! haha Happy weekend! xoxo

  6. try getting waxed when you're preg. apparently there is more blood flow down there increasing your pain sensors. i died. i get them ever four weeks now and it gets easier. it doesn't keep me from leaving a puddle of nervous sweat on the table though. i also grip a town in both hands. the gal that does me is a little romanian known for speed waxing. 20 minutes and she's done. boom. you could always try waxing yourself like i did? no, don't do this.

  7. You are not the last person on the planet to get a wax...terrifying haha!! Hope you have the best weekend doll!

  8. Bahahaha! I love it! You are so not the last person to get one! I have never waxed anything but my eyebrows, and it honestly don't know that I ever will.

  9. LOL- I haven't had one either... I want to before our vacation but I just can't bring myself tO!!

  10. i was going to get one last year before cancun... i didnt. then i was going to be for vegas.... i didnt it. mayyyybeeee i will before cabo next year, but based on the fact that i winced and cringed all through this post i probably wont..... i honestly think i would rather have mynpits waxed i HATED shaving under my arms....

  11. this was hilarious!! and reminded me, i need to go get a wax. blah. i hate them! i always opt for some nair or something similar.

  12. That story was amazing and hilarious! And the TRUTH! I don't believe anyone that says it doesn't hurt! Happy Friday sweets :)

  13. Haha this is too funny!!! I guess I am the only other one on the planet who hasn't done it either!! Happy Friday!

  14. So proud of you!!! Hope you are hooked. Yes, there are 4 strips that will ALWAYS hurt, ALWAYS. But so worth it.

  15. I did it once and NEVER again. Laser hair removal is where it's at 100%. It doesn't hurt near as bad. Plus, it's gone!! No more $50 a pop every 2 weeks. And after your 6-8 appointments.. You're done for a long time!

  16. I've never done it either mainly because I am TERRIFIED! I get my brows waxed and that will probably be all...forever! LOL

  17. So I'm (obviously) behind in my blog reading. I love Friends too!!! I watched the entire series on DVD when I was pregnant and am shocked Clay wasn't named after one of them :)

  18. I am glad you liked it so much but an hour? That seems like a long time!

  19. It's quite funny that you posted this today as I have been kinda wanting to get one before our next vacay this Dec. I'm a BIG weinie with waxing (have only done just the sides before) and would be SO nervous, but my friends have told me it's the BEST! Were you nervous that it would rip your skin anywhere? That's what I'm terrified of!!!! Anyway, thanks for the details. :) (Oh, and don't forget to link up Cruz's easter basket in the blog hop coming in a couple of weeks!)

  20. LOL I loved this post. It really did give me the courage to try. I really might just try it. OUCH!!!

  21. OMG! Yes. HAHA The joys of being a girl. :) Waxing SUCKS but it's totally worth it! (new follower from Mama & Mou!)

  22. Oh my gosh I am dying! LMAO! I have never had a wax before so maybe I'm the last one!? That just sounds so uncomfortably awkward, but maybe worth not having to bring a razor on vacay? Ha

  23. All of this. Hysterical! And girl, why the hell did you wait so long?! :)

  24. i am terrified to do this! but yet, i am always considering it

  25. I have still not tried waxing down there, so scared, but would love to not worry about it!



  26. Ok I am cracking up at this. I am way too chicken to do this. I would just be mortified to take my clothes off and have someone down in my business for that long haha! I had a hard time getting a spray tan and I kept my panties on!

  27. I am dying to get a wax, but I always chicken out. I had planned to for my honeymoon, nope. Then I planned again for our Mexican vacation back in March, nope. So I need to bite the bullet and do it. But I am afraid of pain and think I will die from it. This inspires me to just make an appointment and do it.


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