Tuesday, March 18, 2014

#lasiswknd : Part Three, Saturday

Thanks for following along with one of my fave trips to date. Click here for day one and two.

Saturday morning, we decided to give Runyon Canyon one more go. For starters, we were sure there was more of a shot we would bump into Kellan Lutz walking his dog or Lauren Conrad getting in a nice morning hike, plus we wanted to get higher in the hills for the better views - and a better workout.

And then we came to this. The hill of death - at least that's how we were referring to it. The pictures don't even do it justice, but I could just envision my klutzy self tripping on a rock and pummeling down it and off the side of the hill. The smile on my face? Purely for the picture. I was scared as hell.

These were our celebratory pics - amazed and excited that we actually made it down that death trap of a hill.

And then we went for celebratory drinks. Lots of them. And lunch. At Pink Taco.{I giggle just saying the name of that place. #immature} We sat there enjoying those delicious drinks staring out at Chateau Marmont and Sunset Boulevard for hours. And evidently taking loads of pictures. Like loads. Just see for yourself.
Then it was off to Beverly Hills. More specifically with directions plugged into navigation, we were heading to seek out Kim K's house.

Traveling through the Hills we saw some of the most impressive houses. And then we came upon our destination. Kimmy K's house was literally right there in front of us. Not blocked in by a gated entrance. I would recognize that driveway anywhere.

We evidently took the opportunity for some pics. Stalk much? Umm yes. Yes we did.

After that find, we figured we better try our luck and hit up Rodeo Drive.  We wandered for a while, but then decided it wasn't our scene so we headed down some of the side streets and found a Sprinkles Cupcake store. And it had a cupcake ATM. You put your money in, select your flavor (or in our case, flavors) and it comes out of the little hatch. Amazing.
After gorging ourselves on sweets, we needed to walk. And we walked ourselves right into a psychic. Neither Tess or I had ever had our palms read and figured why not. I'm definitely not more of a believer after the experience, but it was interesting to say the least.

We shopped a bit at Kitson trying to find the kiddos some gifts. Let's just say terribly overpriced gifts. Then figured we needed to head back to our neck of the woods. After a couple cocktails at a bar near our hotel. We made it back to our room and while trying to figure out where we were going to go to dinner. We did the unthinkable.
We called it a night.
We ordered a disgusting amount of room service - or amazing, depending on how you look at it - and rented a movie. And stayed in for the rest of the night.

And it was heaven. A whole movie with no kiddos to disturb and sprawled out in a comfy hotel bed? Yes, please.

And there you have it. Sometimes you just need a nice, little weekend away with your bestie. And we had the best time.

We even had our own hashtag.  #lasiswknd

Up next - girl's trip to Napa for my girl Angie's bachelorette party. California, wine and more wine. My idea of perfection.



  1. hahaha i love your stalkers pics!!! where did you park, down the road or right out front!? :D

    i just read that a sprinkles will be opening up in vegas near The Linq! yummmmmm

  2. Eeekkk! You've been to the cupcake ATM! We have a sprinkles here nearby which I love (also sprinkles ice cream, which is AMAZING and I highly recommend) but I haven't made it to the ATM yet!

  3. Pink Taco would make me giggle too. Anyone who doesn't laugh just doesn't get it. That hill looks crazy steep! What a perfectly amazing girls weekend!

  4. You ladies are gorgeousss! What a fun time :) And I seriously want your maxi dress!!

  5. I've been waiting for this post! I am shocked that Kim K doesn't live in a gated neighborhood!! That is crazy! I totally would have gone all stalkerish too - it's just what you do when you're in LA :)

  6. OMG can I join the next escapades you take with your sister?! This is exactly how I would want to do LA! Napa is amazing I am a bit spoiled by it due to my proximity. Can't wait for you to experience it!

  7. Kim K's old house! Jealous! And what a beautiful hike! Really wishing we had constant sunshine and warmth here :)
    xo TJ


  8. I love this and how gorg are you!?? We went on a Cali roadtrip last year and LA was one of our favorite stops! We were cautioned before we went that it might not seem all it was cracked up to be but it totally was to us - we love, love, loved it and can't wait to return. We actually found ourselves at a cafe across the street from a plastic surgeons office - talk about paparazzi - there were loads and we loved it ha. We also may have visited the restaurants that celebs apparently frequent and ended up under the same roof as Busta Ryhmes and Jane Seymour - slightly star struck. Sad I know. But I 'get it' LA has a buzz and we loved it.

  9. Sounds SO fun + I have always wanted to try Sprinkles cupcakes!! Ahh! Xx.

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  11. You two are pretty much adorable! And LOVE that you found KimK's home.

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