Sunday, April 13, 2014

Welcome Back - To Me, That Is

Hey hey hey.

I've been out of the blogging game for quite some time. Like over two weeks to be exact. And I've been missing it something fierce. Is it weird to miss blogging? If it is, then color me weird.

What's new, you ask? Oh, you didn't ask? Well, I'm going to tell you anyway.

We just got back from a little Bahamas cruise-ity cruise late Friday night.  I took a group of customers from work and the hubs. While the weather was great and being in the Bahamas was cool, I think it's fair to say we might not be cruising people.  Maybe it had something to do with this.

My room when I lived in NYC was bigger than this and I used to think that was small.

I should probably show you my favorite pic from the trip. Of course, it's food. We walked all over Nassau and through the Atlantis to find these bad boys. And they were worth it.

And this is my happy look right before I dove in and owned that plate of nachos.

And I missed this boy something fierce.

Right now, I'm just waiting for him to wake up from his nap. I desperately need more snuggles. This morning, he grabbed me by the neck as I was changing him and said, "mama, you are my girl." I swear I about died right there. 
He's also peppered in about 50 "mama, give me some hugs, would ya?"  All day long, buddy.
While we were gone, the lovely Kristin from Mama and Mou posted about my little helmet baby {here} for her Baby Talk series. Serioulsy love her for sharing it and hope it helps some mamas who may be going through this. It is defintely not the worst thing in the world even though it felt close to it at the time. And now, his noggin? So stinkin' perfect.
Oh, and remember that news that I was oddly excited about a few weeks ago? Well, we decided not to sell our house just yet. 

Yeah yeah, I'm super bummed but also proud of us to make a grown up decision for once. As we were looking for houses, we decided that the houses we wanted were at the top of our budget and honestly just didn't want to make ourselves house poor. We love to travel, eat dinners out, go shopping, we just like being able to do things and I don't want us to be strapped because I wanted a big, ol' fancy house that cost a ton, but looks pretty, but also doesn't leave us room to do what we love.
Plus, while we had our house listed, Nick had a ton of things done to it - walls painted, third stall poured in the driveway, bathrooms redone, new stainless steel appliances in the kitchen - and I decluttered a TON. And I'm loving how it looks. While we don't love our neighborhood and would like to live closer to our family on the other side of the city, we are going to give it a few months.
I'm also in the process of redesigning our former office. We are getting rid of the clunky old desk that currently resides there (and has for the past seven years) and are making it into a guest bedrooom/office space. We essentially got rid of the basement guest room when we decided to clear out the furniture and make it a playroom for Cruz (best.decision.ever.) so that meant no place for family or friends to stay when they visited.
I want something bright and airy like this.

With a white laquer desk like this.

Nestled in the corner like this.

Now, anyone want to come over and handle all this for me?

Happy Sunday!


  1. love it all…but i'm going to need a lot more pics of the cruisin'.

  2. Welcome back!!! Loving the pictures of your inspiration and how cute is Cruz tell you you're his girl! Adorable!!!!!

  3. Oh pick me pick me!!!

    Welcome back! And that's a ton of work you guys did holy cow! It's like a whole new house!!!

  4. We missed you, too!! I definitely get the house poor part.. we are just renting in downtown Chicago but so much of us wants to move away from the city so we don't have to spend so much on housing. Adult problems. Love that white laquer desk!

  5. Welcome back!!! When you emailed me I started thinking...what happened?? I haven't seen any posts from her in forever! And now I remember you saying why :) Glad you're back and that you had fun! Your little man is so adorable! Love toddler sayings...especially ones that involve love for mama!

  6. Mama you're my girl?! Yeah pretty sure I would die too! Welcome back you've been missed!

  7. Oh gosh - I think I would have melted!! I'm so happy that you're back!! I love the look your going for with the new office/guest bedroom!! It's going to look amazing!

  8. Smart move on the house selling! We close on our new house this week and the contract fell through on our current house. We are about to be house poor for a while! Moving is so expensive too!

  9. Office guest room is such a good idea! I hated growing up having the office "off limits" because it was such a disaster zone haha!

  10. The rooms are the worst part about cruising! It's a good thing the rest is usually so awesome it doesn't matter :)

  11. Welcome back! I've never been cruising but think I can handle that room for sun and water!
    I love the guest bedroom your planning. It looks very inviting. Can't wait to see it all finished

  12. Yea that room was a little tight haha I almost just died as well reading what he said to you! "more hugs and you're my girl" SWOON! What a dollbaby!

  13. bummer about the house, but it sounds like you guys made the right decision for your family right now.


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