Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I Have An Idea...

So I was sitting in my nearby Starbucks the other day. You know, because it was a Monday (my day off) and I was going to go in and catch up on some work but I couldn't bring myself to pull on a pair of work pants and a blouse (yes, I just said blouse. I hate that word.)

I decided, instead, that I was going to stay in my lounge gear and sit in an air-conditioned Starbucks where I had access to unlimited cappuccinos and no one stopping in my office making me unproductive. It looked a little something like this.

And it got me thinking. I need more "me" time.

Don't get me wrong. I absolutely LOVE spending time at home with my guys, but sometimes I feel like all I do is wake up, workout, get myself and C-man ready for the day, work, come home later than planned, play/make dinner/bath time, put Cruz to bed and then get back on my laptop to inevitably catch up on emails from work and sneak in some blogging. Then I go to sleep and repeat the very same thing the next day.

While some would argue that blogging is me time - and it is something I love - it doesn't feel like it is when I'm also responding to work emails at the same time and squeezing it in before I go to bed. Sometimes too tired to finish a post because I can't keep my eyes open.

This is where the thinking comes in (yes, dangerous, I know). Many of the stay-at-home mamas I know, get some time to themselves, because if they didn't they would have to just throw themselves off a bridge or something, right? Don't get me wrong, staying at home with my kiddo would be great, but all day, every day? That would be tough.

And while I don't get to spend each day with my little man because of work and I love every minute we have together, sometimes I get burnt out. And I just want to spend some time with ME.

What would I do with this time, you ask?

I would blog. I love blogging. And I hate getting "behind" on blogging or not posting something I wanted to post, because I didn't have time.

I would run errands. Kid-free errands sound amazing. And while I would miss getting all the samples at the grocery store for "my kid", I still think I would enjoy it.

I would get a massage. Or a mani/pedi. Or all three. There is a salon across town that I heard stays open until 9pm. I've often thought about putting Cruz to bed early one night and high-tailing it over there.

I would go for a run. Without a stroller. I mean, how fast do you think I am without the stroller and the weight of a 32 lb toddler? Like lightening fast.

I would meet the girls for some happy hour drinks. I remember happy hours. They were amazing. Cheap drinks, cheap apps and great girl gossip? I'm dying for it.

I would squeeze in Sweat, Cycle and Soul after work. And not have to feel bad about not going straight home.

I would read a book. I love reading. These days? I only do it on vacations...or right before bed, when I can't be on my laptop for yet one more minute, but I don't want to sleep.

I would go to a movie with my sister. And not the late movie, that occurs after our kids are in bed. Like the 7pm one with a big popcorn and an even bigger pop.

I would go golfing with Jill. Golf, sun and beers sound pretty good right about now.

I would stay at work late, to catch up, so I didn't have to do it almost every night after C goes to bed.

I don't know what else I would do. I would just do something that I wanted to do.

It all sounds so fab.

And I'm not looking to do this every week, but maybe a couple times a month.

Could you imagine?

So, I'm really thinking about scheduling our sitter for this.  At least to try it out.  What do you think? Yes, no? Try it and see?

I think I would really love it. And then who knows, it may become a couple times a week thing.


Kind of.

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  1. Me time is so important! I am a stay at home mom to a 1 year old and about 3 months ago she started going to grandmas on Thursdays. I go to appointments, go shopping, eat a leisurely lunch out, run errands and sometimes even take a nap. It has been life changing! My MIL loves it too!

  2. I'm not a mom yet but I definitely agree that "me" time is a must! Everyone needs a little time to just focus on themselves and put themselves first. As much as I love love love my husband, if I don't get a girls night out or sometimes an afternoon to take care of some of my own stuff, I can go a little crazy!

  3. Me time is sooooo important so you can be the best YOU for your boys :) I'm a stay at home mom and loved this post :) I need more me time too...

  4. I totally think you should hire a sitter for this!! At least once a month or something like that!! Being refreshed is just as important for you as it is for your family!!

  5. Absolutely important to carve out some "me time" no matter if you're a stay-at-home-mom with kids 24/7 or a working mom balancing 20 million things all day long. A year or so ago, I put my foot down and hired a babysitter for 4 hours once a week so I could go do anything I wanted without guilt and it is seriously a lifesaver. I go for a pedicure, buy groceries by myself, shop, or lately just go to a coffee shop and blog or surf the Internet without anyone pulling on me or barking demands for yogurt and Mickey Mouse ... and it is awesome. You owe it to yourself. Do it.

  6. AMEN! HALLELUJAH!! hahahaha Avrie's daycare days (2 days a week) when work is slow kind of turns into ME days and i always feel so rejuvenated! June 30th- TOTAL ME DAY! :D

  7. Awesome post! I've been thinking so much about this lately. I need more me time. Being home with the kids can sure be draining. Last night I went to a concert and it felt so good to get out and be ME!

  8. Yes! Yes! Schedule yourself some ME time. Get that babysitter. Go get a mani/pedi. Take an hour and read a book. Do what you can at least once a week for YOU and only YOU! And don't you dare feel guilty about it. It's good for our mental well-being and for those around us when we feel refreshed and energized. :)

  9. LOVE this post! I totally agree, I am a working mom but I think I have the best of both worlds. I work part time permanent evenings and I'm able to spend most of my days with my girl, how ever I find when I work a lot I burn out fast and on my days off I'm trying to catch up on the other things. It's funny how something as simple as sitting at Starbucks with "unlimited lattes" and a computer are things we took for granted before... or running without a stroller! Man am I glad summer is here so that I can run stroller free in the evenings! I don't know about you but I also find it hard to bite the bullet and get a babysitter for these kind of things, it feels so selfish even though it most definitely is NOT!

    Tawnya @

  10. Oh gosh girl I could so have written this exact post. I stay at home with Hayden on Mondays, so I have a 3 day weekend every week, but I feel like they are packed with stuff going on so it hardly seems like I ever get "me" time during that. I wish I could just take my time after work and leisurely get groceries or go to the gym or get a pedi, but I have to rush to get H from daycare and then rush home to get dinner done/play/bath/bed, etc. it's exhausting!

  11. Me time is such a necessity... but such a hard thing to get. Just a couple of hours makes you feel like a new woman!

  12. I feel like you just wrote a post about what is going on in my head. As a working mom also, I COMPLETELY understand and agree with every word you wrote. As I type this right now, my son is watching an episode of Mickey and I am on the computer. And I feel guilty. BUT if I didn't do this, I would be so behind on everything. Because after I put him to bed, it's time to make lunches for tomorrow, wash the dishes, check emails, and then pretty much go to bed. I could go on and on (but maybe that's an email convo and not a blog comment LOL), but I so, so understand!

  13. I crave ME time so much! With 2 little one's and a teenager it just never happens. Plus, being a SAHM, I'm pretty isolated so I don't really have many friends. I think it's a great idea if you can find the time. I say go for it girl!

  14. the way i see it, is that you were You before you became a wife and mommy. and sometimes You gets pushed back behind all of the roles you have, and You gets lost. there's nothing wrong with time for yourself. hope you get more You time!! hugs!

  15. This is so true! Sometimes you forget that you are actually your own person and not someone who just works and does things for your family 24/7. I try to get out to a MNO when I can, but when I do, I am so tired that sometimes it's hard to enjoy it, and the whole mani/pedi thing, I've been trying to get to one for 7 months now...sad that I haven't had the time to do it yet. But this weekend, we have a cousins spa day, so looking forward to family time and getting pampered!

  16. I also hate the word slacks. Moving on.

    I do go a bit crazy. I don't have anything regular scheduled to get some me time but every now and then it happens. For me I struggle with guilt because it happens to be my only job. Whereas you have two hugggeee jobs. You are a saint. The end.

  17. this post nearly made me cry thinking about all those things that are mostly given up. i mean seriously…we give up a lot to have a kid. and while i know neither of us would undo that…wouldn't it be nice…just one day a week? shoot…if i could get rid of kaye for a day i might even organize our basement junk room. and then go get a mani/pedi. is it possible for you to take a personal day at work at least once a month and still take cruz to daycare?

  18. That sounds absolutely wonderful. I say go for it!

  19. I just hopped over here from September farm where I loved your confessional post! Yes, me time is a good thing for moms. My wee ones are now 14 & 16 (I know, I'm so old) and my best advice is that this motherhood thing is a marathon, not a sprint. It doesn't get any less hectic so a girl's night out or a spa day will do wonders for you!

  20. Do it! I was getting so burnt out that finally I had a long talk with myself and now I have scheduled bubble baths every Tuesday and Thursday nights. These happen regardless of how many dishes are in the sink or the piles of laundry or whether or not I have blogged. Just me and wine and a good book or Netflix. Seriously, it's the best thing that has ever happened. I also try to make it a point to have friend time at least once a week- even if it's just a quick dinner after Clay has went to sleep. After I started this, I feel like I'm more relaxed when I do get to spend time with Clay!

  21. Hi I found your blog from September Farm and I love it. You should definitely take some time for yourself. It will help re-engerize you, make you appreciate the small things even more and keep you looking amazing (especially with the massages, facials, manis and pedis).

  22. You should def do this- even if only once or even every other week to ease in- I mean who DOESN'T need ME time?? You go mama, worker, blogger & wife (see how many titles??! Whew! ) :)

  23. Yes, I am totally with you on this one mama!!! xo

  24. Yessssss. Me time is SO important! I've always worked full time until just a couple weeks ago and I always needed that time to myself, too. I usually didn't get it as often as I needed it and after awhile, it makes you kinda crazy! You have to get that time in somehow to recharge and reset yourself because it makes you a better YOU! Now that I'm staying at home full time I haven't felt like I'm due for a day just yet...everything is still new and I'm trying to settle into our new routine...but the day will come when I need to just get out, even for just a bit, to do something that I enjoy. By myself. With no one touching me. LOL


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