Saturday, January 25, 2014

Trying This Potty Training Thing

As I'm typing this, I'm feverishly looking around my laptop screen at Cruz, who is currently running around the livingroom in a pair of Batman undies.

Yep. We are going to give this potty training thing a real go. Do I know exactly how our plan of attack will work?

Heck no, we are just winging it over here.

What if I forget to check in with him and he pees everywhere? Like a dog. On our carpet.

Do I set a timer? If so, is it every hour? 1/2 hour? 15 minutes?

Does he understand me when I tell him he can't go to the bathroom in his undies? That he needs to tell me when he has to go pee pee or poo poo, so we can go sit on his big boy potty?

Will the bribe of a treat - a measly M&M - convince him that going on the big boy potty is a good thing? I mean, if it meant I could get him trained, I would give him the whole damn bag.

Is it worth even trying if I don't feel the hubs is 100% on board? Maybe I can bribe HIM with M&Ms to make him realize how important it is. I mean, he is on a diet with this whole personal trainer thing he's got going on. M&Ms might actually work better on him anyway.

My sister told me about a book that teaches you how to train your kid to be potty trained in, like, three days. That cannot even be possible, right?  If it is would someone please tell me because that sounds like the perfect solution for our impatient family.

This is the scene at our house this morning. PJ top, undies, dino slippers and, of course, his baseball hat.

teepee // gap slippers (available on gap UK)
Poor Cruz, I've been asking him every five minutes - "Cruz do you have to go potty?" And I swear he's started rolling his eyes at me when he tells me "no, mama..."


  1. I say bribe the hubbs with M&Ms. Haha Good luck potty training mama. Btw I love that teepee! Xoxo

  2. Ugh. I get anxious just thinking about it! My mom said with me that she put a doll I wanted on the table and said I could have it when I learned to pee in the potty. And that was that. I was the world's easiest child to train. My child though? I doubt he'll fall for those shenanigans.
    Good luck!!

  3. how did you even know there was a gap uk site?! is 15 months too early to start training? keep us posted on the progress.

  4. It is such a frustrating thing! You said it all perfectly. We had tried and failed at all of it with Letty. Bottom line is when they are ready it will just click. Don't beat yourself up. I've tried it all practically. She would get off the potty and instantly pee. She HELD it while on the potty just so she could go in her underpants. I can't wrap my head around that.

  5. hahahaha this is all too familiar! we were right there in Sept and we (yes WE) have been doing so well! Its tough for mom and kid, so hang in there! haha checking every 4 seconds and the eyes rolls, i love it!

  6. Well, you could read my tips on the blog back in September on how I potty trained Tory. It worked great for four months until her little brother arrived and then all hell broke loose. She's back in diapers now and honestly, it's a breath of fresh air. Don't push potty training until you're ready to deal with the constant "do you have to potty?" questions all day long. Having gone through it and then regressed, I can seriously say that the kiddo has to be ready to PT or it's too much work than its worth. Good luck!

  7. Ugh. Potty Training is rough. I did the three day method with my oldest daughter and it worked perfectly. Was three really hard days focused only on potty training and my child and a few messes. It worked though! Now, my 2nd was not as easy. It took alot of bribery, praise and patience with him. All I can say is good luck! Potty training is my least favorite part of raising a toddler.


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