Thursday, January 30, 2014

Scottsdale Shenanies {Lots of Pictures, Few Words}

As you may recall, at the beginning of January, I abandoned my husband and child for a weekend of fun with some of my favorite ladies. (talked about it here) And it was a blast.

Some would say too much fun, so much so that I was still nursing my hangover and exhaustion the entire week following. I even begged Nick to let me go to bed by 7pm on the night I got home. If you ask me, that is what a great girls weekend is ALL aboout.

Honestly, going into it we didn't have much of a plan, which was fine by me. We had cocktails, lounged by the pool (not warm enough to swim, but still gorgeous), had more cocktails, shopped for a minute, went to dinner and just spent time catching up. I love these girls.

Of course my weekend had to start with an Omaha airport world-famous bloody mary, double shot of vodka. Ok, so they aren't world famous by anyone's standards but mine, but they are delicious and it's a tradition that I have at least one prior to any flight.

That lead to more cocktails in the Phoenix airport - I was the first to arrive from our many different locations, so that called for a bottle couple glasses of white and catching up on a little work.  Their flights were delayed so I had plenty of time to get my drink on.
After dinner at Mastro's - their warm butter cake is to die for - and a night of lounging in and around the hot tub, we were all exhasuted and headed to bed.

Saturday morning we got up for brunch at Soul Cafe and approximately six mimosas each, at least that is what our bill reflected. We sat their for hours just catching up and munching on some delicious food, before heading to a store called My Sister's Closet, which is essentially a place for the ungodly loaded to bring their high-end clothing for the rest of us peasants to buy. I have mixed feelings about a place like this, but definitely didn't mind trying on the furs. I'm more of a would buy a handbag or some jewelry, but not sure about the clothes and definitely couldn't do shoes. Although there was a gorgeous pair of Jimmy Choos that I almost abandoned my original thoughts...they were hardly if even worn!
Then it was a MUST to stop by the liquor store for some provisions - 10 bottles of champagne, some Fireball shots and 5-hour energy. We just had to scoop up this donkey for Carla - we all admired her booty in the hot tub the night before, so this "nice ass" was just too fitting.
Following a couple naps, it was time to get dolled up for yet another meal. We pre-gamed by the pool before heading to a friend's house. 
And by friend, it wasn't my friend, although I wish it were. The house was just beyond amazing ... look at these views!

Dinner was at A Different Point of View and had the most amazing view of the city, plus an amazing cappuccino following my seabass. Have I ever told anyone how much I love rock candy?
On Sunday, we basically repeated our Saturday morning/afternoon with brunch and mimosas at White Chocolate Grill - and basically sat there for three hours, maybe four. Relaxed with no plans is exactly how I wanted this wekeend to go. Then we had to head to a jewelry store to help Aly try on some rings...ideas for her boyfriend, of course. How fab is this one? And if you knew Aly you would know this is so her. 
After it seemed our buzz was wearing off, we hightailed it to the Phoenician for champagne on the patio. It was a gorgeous day overlooking the pool. Then we decided we were in need of some food to soak up the champs so we headed to a bistro for some Italian food and, you guessed it, more champagne.

We headed back to the house for some drunken massages and nonsense and that basically summed up our trip. Each of us had early flights the next morning and it was back to the real world.
What an amazing weekend. I think it's rare to find lasting friendships like I have with these chicas.  We met 10 years ago when I first started working with them and even though we all live apart now, whenever we get together on these trips, we pick up like we were never apart.
Can't wait for the next one. It's just a matter of what city we pick to host our shenanigans!


  1. Such a fun weekend!!! There's nothing like hanging out with girlfriends! Xo

  2. Reading this makes my liver ache. In a good way of course. ;)

    What gorgeous views and what a fun weekend! It's really awesome that you guys do this!

  3. Looks like you girls had a BLAST! Similar to Laurie, I was feeling a hangover for you just reading this! I haven't been to My Sisters Closet in awhile. There is also a My Sisters Attic which is where the rich drop off their expensive furniture and house hold items. Hope we can get together next time you are in town!

  4. Looks like so much fun! My mom has a home in Scottsdale! I'll be there in a month and a half and CANNOT wait!

  5. That sounds like an AMAZING weekend. Wonder if I can get Mike on board to keep Clay a whole weekend so I can grab my girls and do this???

  6. What a FUN girls weekend! We leave out of Eppley Friday morning. First thing on the agenda: Bloody Mary, thanks to your recommendation (a few times now). ha!

  7. that house looks BEAUTIFUL! and this trip looks like it was a fun one, love all the champagne!


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