Friday, January 24, 2014

Love Lately + a Giveaway!! {January 24, 2014}

A giveaway...what? On this little ole blog? Well, if you can believe it (and I'm sure you can) this is my FIRST giveaway ever and I couldn't be more excited to be giving away a $75 Victoria's Secret gift card with six lovely ladies.

And just in time for that lovey dovey holiday, so you can pick out something special for your man. Ok, let's be honest. If I won, I would be picking out a new sports bra and some workout pants, but for the sake of where the idea of a VS gift card came from, let's just pretend I'm like every other loving wife/girlfriend and going for the nice...ah let's just come out and say it...slutty ensemble.

But before we actually get into giving something away, I'm going to list the top five things in my Vickie's cart right now. (In case you needed any ideas on how to spend it.)

Let's just say I have a bit of a black & white obsession....

Incredible Sports Bra.  Vickie's has the best sports bras that I've found and the stripes on this one are so cute. Granted it would be covered up with a tank while I'm working out, but I would still know how cute it looks underneath. =)

Colorblock bikini. Obviously I'm a fan of black and white, but also loving how simple this one is without loads of rhinestones and studs. 
Showtime tights. I love compression tights for running and spinning and VS makes some of my faves. In my opinion they hug in all the right places, and flatter the others.

 Fabulous Bra. These are my favorite bras by far...loving this b&w one of course.

Pointed asymmetric pumps. While I'm not much of a fan of calling my heels "pumps" - I suppose I will let it slide because these are so fantastic. The black would be perfect for work.

But enough about me and my shopping, let's get onto yours! Here is that giveaway I was talking about!

Enter below and you may just win a $75 Vickie's gift card. While you're at it, please check out the rest of these gorgeous gals!

Allena Mistral // Elle Sees // A Little Too Jolley
The Modern Tulip // Happy Is A Choice // Yellow Mango Life // Sweet Southern Sparkle

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  1. That is the loveliest sports bra ever!! So cute.
    Thanks for hosting, girlie!!! I entered! YAHOO! CHEERS! xx

  2. I went into VS the other day and all the bright colors got me so excited for summer!! Thanks for hosting the Giveaway!

  3. NEED that sports bra like yesterday! I have yet to find the perfect one and that one might just be it! I will be heading to VS this weekend :) Have a fabulous weekend!

  4. That sports bra is soooo cute, love the stripes!

  5. I love VS workout stuff!! I have the pants and they are amazing :) Just found your blog

  6. I need one of each! Started running a few months ago and am hooked!

  7. fun fun giveaway! i would LOVE to win this one! the color block bikini is too cute!

  8. i have 2 of the 5. mmm... that sports bra is fab. i have 5. and congrats on your first giveaway!

  9. What a fun giveaway! I love Victorias Secret and am using their cute bikinis as weight loss motivation! :D


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