Saturday, July 23, 2011

Memorable Conversation

I love my husband....he cracks me up.  He's even funny when he's not trying to be. Ok, so maybe funny is a stretch and it's a mix of funny and slightly scary. Here's what happened:

Last night he didn't get home from playing poker until 4am (last night, this know what I mean). Oddly enough I had waken up just minutes before the garage door opened to use the bathroom and once he got settled we started chatting about little man. I mentioned that we should get used to being up at that time in the morning because when Cruz gets here we will not be sleeping through the night.

"What do you mean we won't be sleeping through the night?" (him)

"Well babies, especially newborns, are up often throughout the night to be fed, changed or simply to whine." (me)

"No way," (he pulls up google on his laptop) "wait, did you know babies need to be fed SIX times a day, every four hours?!?!"  (him)

"Um yes babe, I did know that. Maybe we do need to take that childbirth class after all."  (me)

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