Tuesday, July 5, 2011

19 Weeks: What's New....

Due date: hmmm...either November 21st or November 26th. The ultrasound tech thinks I'm a week farther along than we originally thought which puts me at 20 weeks, not 19 weeks, but my doctor has stuck to the fact that I'm due November 26th and the tech didn't think she would change my due date for just one week difference. That's fine and all, but personally I want to know if I'm 19 OR 20 weeks....

Baby developments: Little Mango is the size of a large MANGO this week - how fitting! - and his sensory development is going crazy - his brain is designating areas for smell, taste, hearing, vision and touch. It's definitely time to start talking more to the baby than around the baby since he can hear our voices. For those of you reading this, don't be shocked if you see me talking to myself in the upcoming weeks - I will more than likely being talking to our little man.

Weight gain: 2lbs (total of 4lbs from pre-pregnancy)

Cravings: red delicious apples, nachos (or simply chips w/ cheese), sandwiches

Aversions: meat has still been one food group I've stayed away from - again, unless it's in the form of a sandwich or after this weekend a hot dog. Yum!

Symptoms: I was so excited because I thought the puking had subsided completely. I got sick last Monday night and then didn't puke again until Saturday! But then I proceeded to puke Sunday as well. Hopefully that means this is going away.  I've also been feeling some pulling in my belly which in reading it sounds as though it might be Round Ligament Pain and completely normal during the second trimester as I'm beginning to grow bigger.

I am loving: just being pregnant.

Sleep: good overall. I got great sleep on our little vacay and woke up refreshed each morning...primarily because I wasn't hungover!

I miss: I did miss being able to drink and get crazy with everyone in Boji this weekend. I really wanted to try one of those paint sticks filled with an ice cold beer!

This is a Paint Stick! Much better than a beer bong - or so I'm told

I am looking forward to: feeling Cruz move around inside of me. I feel things, but I never know if it's him or just regular body changes/movement. And once I get to feel him, I really can't wait for Nick to be able to as well.

I'm spazzing about: ok, is it normal for complete strangers to rub your belly when you tell them you're pregnant? I'm good w/ my family and close friends, but people I barely know? It just doesn't seem right. I don't think I've ever touched a pregnant woman's belly without an invitation. Let me tell you it's ok to touch the belly before you stick your grimy hand out and touch it for yourself! This happened SO much at work last night...However, I am getting better with people I  know touching my belly. I was even a little leary of this early on but I think that had to do with the fact that my belly was more jiggly than firm and now it's gotten much harder so I'm good.

Best moment this week: spending much needed time away with Nick and our friends in Okoboji and talking about Cruz. Everyone seems truly excited for us and were so sweet and considerate of the big pregnant lady on the trip. Heck, we even scored the king size bedroom in one of the suites since I'm sleeping for two these days!

Movement: none yet, but I officially cannot wait to feel this little guy kick up a storm!

It's a...: beautiful boy...I mean just look at that face! (Ok this is actually a very scary shot of our little man, but I still love it to pieces!)

For those of you who were He-Man fans like I used to be - he reminds me a bit of Skeletor.
I know it's bad to compare my baby to a skeleton faced cartoon character, but if the shoe fits....

Exercise: since I decided to take the week before our bikini vacation off from exercising, I have decided I need to get back on the horse and get to the gym....starting tomorrow, that is.
Diet: a pleasing mix of junk and healthy foods, leaning slightly more towards junk, but I'm good with that. I enjoyed every minute of the foods I ate this week.

Goals for the upcoming week: I'm going to set a lofty one and that is to attempt to find a peditrician. I would love to have this nailed down before my next check up and since I'm not using Tessa's, I need to get on this and find one myself!

Belly shot: it's growing!!!

19 week belly bump

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  1. Lookin' good, girl! I bet those little flutters you're feeling are Baby Cruz!


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