Sunday, July 24, 2011

Never-Ending Black Hole

It seems as though the house will never be 100% put together, but I'm slowly but surely chipping away. Nick had golf with the guys today, so I had to choose between laying out (I need a tan on this pale body) or cleaning out closets and I actually chose to be responsible and clean!

I had to start with the two storage closets off the basement bedroom, in order to make more room for items that I would be moving downstairs from the other closets. I never realized how much Halloween and Christmas decor I actually had until I pulled it all out of storage and the other closets and consolidated it. I realized I've got problems....who needs two large glittered skulls???

Basement storage - Halloween & Christmas stuff!

Basement storage - the other side

Basement bedroom closet
Then I moved my craft stuff from the nursery closet to the basement bedroom - it fit perfectly into the armoire and will be easily accessible.

Craft stuff
It was so nice to finally get the rubbermaid containers and boxes moved out of the spare bedroom and put it together. This will work perfectly for our guests....especially my mama after Cruz gets here.
Basement bedroom - finally put together

Once I was done with the bedroom I moved out to the wet bar and finally cleared out everything in the drawers and moved the alcohol and glassware. It looks so much I always say "out of sight, out of mind."

Wet bar
The nursery used to function as a spare bedroom and a catch-all, it's nice to finally see the floor in both the room and the closet! There is plenty of space in here for lots of little man clothes....I had better get shopping!

Nursery closet
All in it's been a great Sunday and very productive. Now we are getting ready to head to dinner....not sure where that will take us but I'm looking forward to getting out of the house!

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