Friday, July 15, 2011

Oh The Memories...

Last night, Nick flew in from Vegas early, so we decided to go to dinner after I picked him up at the airport. I had gotten a gift card to 801 Chophouse at the Paxton for my 30th (thanks Beasleys!) and he was craving a big steak so it was the obvious choice...and what a great choice it was!

I had been there before with some people from work and our Corporate offices, but I don't recall being as impressed. When we are going out for a nice steak dinner, Nick and I usually prefer Sullivan's because it has a great atmosphere and good food and I recalled the Chophouse to be a bit stuffy, however, last night was not the case. Sure their green (NASA enforced, our server informed us) jackets look a bit ridiculous, but beyond that everyone was very friendly.

We sat down and immediately I had to get back up to give a hug to our server, who happened to be one of my former Hosts at Horseshoe! She did an excellent job taking us through the menu and giving us her recommendations. Plus, she & the bartender used me as their guinea pig on different mocktail recipes, which was fun because I'm always looking for a good drink when I'm out and about - and sometimes a water or soda won't cut it.

Since we had the entire gift card to use, we made sure to order enough for a small army. Nick got the special - a 22oz bone-in New York Strip with a 1lb baked potato and the lobster corn chowder to start. I ordered the 8oz filet with a 1/2 order of the Boursin mashed potatoes and a 1/2 of the maytag bleu cheese baby red potatoes (our server hooked us up!) and had started with the caesar salad. Nick also ordered the fresh green beans to share. Needless to say we had TOO MUCH food, but it was great being able to try so many different dishes and we brought the leftovers home - even Maya got a bit of my filet for dinner. The food was fantastic!

The 801 Chophouse is located inside the Paxton, where Nick & I had our wedding reception almost 2 years ago. When we walked in it brought back so many memories of that amazing day and the great time we've had being married the last two years. Ironically, our server sent me a text after we had gotten home and just minutes after we left, the Goo Goo Dolls (who are performing at Stir Cove tonight) walked in and were her next table. The ironic part: Nick & I had our first dance to GGD "Iris" in that very building...

The Paxton - full or memories!

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