Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ahhh....The Perks of Pregnancy

Since I've been pregnant, I've been getting slight nosebleeds that I notice whenever I blow my nose. Fortunately they aren't full blown "blood running out of my nose"-type nosebleeds, instead its only been when I blow my nose - which for those of you who know me is no less than 27 times per day. I have to tell you it's quite shocking when you pull the kleenex from your nose and notice bright red blood staring back at you. Even worse if you are a kleenex hoarder like myself who likes to get two, if not more, uses from her kleenexes (what can I say - I'm going green!) but no longer feels it's "clean" to keep a bloody kleenex in her purse.

As if the extreme weight gain, loss of breath, throwing up my meals, and not fitting into my clothes weren't is just another perk to being pregnant. Now this is perfect evidence as to why I want to shake sense into those women who tell me they just "loved being pregnant."  I'm not buying it...  

At least I haven't gotten 13 cavities like another woman I know experienced when she was pregnant (you know who you are and for those of you who don't her name rhymes with "Nessa").


  1. I had nose bleeds too and still have to blow my nose quite often. I read somewhere it's because of increase mucus in your body to help your body during delivery ... isn't that yuck?!

  2. Oh my gosh! Our cousin Odessa is going to be soooo mad that you told everyone about her 13 cavaties!!! :)


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