Thursday, July 7, 2011

Date Night

After a long weekend away with family & friends, Nick & I decided it was time for a date last night. I came home after work to a pretty clean house with all of his laundry done and most of the unpacking finished (yes, we still had not completely unpacked!). Each morning as I walked out of the house this week, I told myself that the dishes needed to be done that night, but each night I did not do them....when I got home last night - they were done, the lawn was mowed and the trash was taken out. Major "great husband" points.

We went to Charlie's on the Lake for dinner. A place that is very close to our house but one that isn't on the top of my list of favorite restaurants, because the menu is so heavily seafood dominated. However, since Nick has been trying to eat better (we both need to after this past holiday weekend) and had already found a menu item he was drooling over (blackened salmon, grilled shrimp and baked cod) we went. Plus, like a great husband he had already picked out a menu item I was sure to love (i.e. he could eat the leftovers). The bread and salad were good, but the Jackson's pasta I ordered left a little to be desired. Nick didn't even want to finish it, BUT that was ok by me since it meant I got to eat movie theater popcorn at AMC!

Nick & I love going to movies....seriously we could go a couple times a week and not bat an eye, but the movies that have come out recently haven't been all that great so we hadn't been in a while. Last night we decided to hit up "Bad Teacher" - a comedy sounded great and even though it has gotten ok reviews (poor reviews from Tessa & Chris), we decided to go anyway. The movie was ok (not great, but not terrible) and there were definitely some laugh out loud moments. Plus the popcorn and Diet Mt Dew was amazing! Definitely made going to a so/so movie that much better. And to be honest Cameron Diaz was gorgeous in it and her wardrobe made me like the movie even more. She had on beautiful dresses, great skinny pants and every pair of shoes she wore was Christian Louboutin (ahhhh....).

All in, it was a great night hanging out together and I know these are going to be very few and far between once Cruz gets here, so we need to relish every moment. With Nick leaving again this weekend for Vegas, it was nice having some time to spend with him.

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  1. That's what everyone always tells me ... how much we'll miss going to the movies when we have Tory. Funny to me because we NEVER go to movies! Sounds like you guys might miss it though :)


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