Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Falling Into Place

Another productive day! Of course I started out the day with work, but headed to my doctor's appointment on my lunch hour. It was a quick check-up (I'm not complaining): I got to hear Little Mango's heartbeat (love this), I'm measuring well and sitting fine from a weight standpoint. Since the visit was so quick, I decided to run over to Kid's Stuff Superstore to check out the Bonavita Metro Crib and Dresser (remember it here) that I had my eyes on. After asking the clerk some questions, she mentioned that I would have to order the set and it could take anywhere from 6-12 weeks (eek!) - on my way back to work I called Nick and told him I was going to order so we could get it as quickly as possible - potentially three months - wow, really?

Once I was back at work I called the store and placed my order. As we were finalizing payment, she mentioned that they actually had the set in stock (really? you couldn't check that earlier) - but really I was super excited just to get it home! I planned to pick it up after work with the goal of getting it set up tonight (seriously, I have no patience).

I headed back to Kid's Stuff after work and had the salesperson show me mattresses - I chose the Colgate Classica III (here) mattress. After looking at all the options, this seemed to be the best fit for our little guy. It's a foam mattress with a cover that will not allow liquid to seep through. One side is firmer foam for a baby and the other side is a bit softer for a toddler.

We got the crib and dresser loaded and I headed out west. Everything fit perfectly - the great news? The dresser is already put together, I don't have to do a thing but take off the packaging and dust it off! The crib on the other hand will take some work, but I'm up for the challenge.

Crib & Dresser - perfect fit!
 I was talking to Tessa the entire way home about strollers, carseats, you name it....I pulled into the garage and CRUNCH! Um the large crib box was waaaay too tall for our small garage. Fortunately it doesn't look like anything is broken, but I guess I will see that once I get it in the house...

Oops - don't try to drive into the garage with a box that is taller than said garage.
Since I couldn't unload the furniture on my own, I had to do something else to pass the time until Nick got home from golf league. I vacuumed the soon-to-be nursery and packed up everything else I had left on the floor after the move yesterday. Here are the before pictures - a clean slate for me to work my magic. Now I just need to finalize the color scheme - I just have too many ideas! Wouldn't this room look great with laminate floors? I think so - time to get serious and price them out so I can make a strong case to Nick. Plus it's a good time of year for my dad to help out since he's in between planting and harvest. More to come...
Before Shot - Nursery

Before Shot - Nursery 2

Before Shot - Nursery 3

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  1. OMG!!!!! You said you bumped into the garage...not almost demolished your whole crib!!! Yikes! Did it make it out alive?!?!??!


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