Saturday, February 2, 2013

Getting Artsy

I discovered this amazing blog - The Winthrop Chronicles - with this super crafty and creative mama and decided to try out some of her ideas.

The first one I dove into was the subway art documenting little man's birth details. I've been admiring many different Etsy shops that sell something similar and had good intentions of ordering one, UNTIL I realized I could make it myself and add my own special touches. Plus, I wanted to try out making my first one for Cruz because I have good intentions to whip a couple up for some friends who've recently popped out some kiddos.

I was going to document the details, but figured since TWC already did, you can use her original and much more detailed instructions to make your own.  (Tutorial here.)

Trip to Home Depot to get some common board. 
Loud saw = ears covered for Cruz!

In addition to the white spray paint and a brush, these are the only other tools I needed!
(If I could cut straight I could do without the paper cutter, but I can't, plus I had 
it in my craft closet from my days pretending I was going to start scrapbooking.)

 Used PowerPoint to create this and printed it on card stock

 This is after the mod podge and glue - see the air bubbles - ugh

I sanded down the edges of the common board and lightly sanded
the words on card stock to give it a worn look.

I had taken these pics not long after I finished it and was a bit disappointed with the air bubbles in the paper...but since these have gone down and the project looks awesome (patting self on back....). =)

Be prepared - if you are having a kiddo and I'm invited to see your kid, you just may see one of these bad boys accompanying your present!

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