Monday, February 4, 2013

A Week Of Cruz

I recently learned how to use PicMonkey to better share the many pics I love to throw in here of the kiddo. I hated always having to post one after another...well now, now I can post a ton, but not make each post crazy long. Thanks A for the recommendation!

We had such a fun week last week, so I thought I was share it with you all....

This kid loves to eat
Ok, so it's no shocker that we don't eat meals at the dinner table like a normal family...Nick and I are usually on our respective couches trying to shove some food into our mouths after we get little man fed, bathed and ready for bed. The other night we picked up some Julio's Mexican after work and of course were hounded not only by our hound, but also our hungry kiddo.  Below is him trying to take food off my plate, evidently trying to eat my plate - and then when I told him he needed to move back and I would give him a bite - he moved REALLY far back.  He is just so stinkin' funny these days. 

Spending our day running errands
Last Sunday, we had a full day of running errands. Luckily for me, he's a great shopper...well, lucky for him or he would be miserable...a lot. We piled our cart full at Sam's Club, wandered crafts at Michaels, had wood cut at Home Depot and then passed out from all the fun in Target...we even ate lunch in the Target food court. Now that's dedication.

Hanging with nanny
Another week in the books with our fave lady, J.  They hit up Fat Brain Toy's toddler day on Tuesday (look at all the fun he had!), went to the mall play area and were back at Metro Gym for their play time...little man loves him the foam pit! Check out the message I got from J - it may have just made my day and made me a very proud mama. =)

Other shenanigans
We baby - and parent - proofed the toilet. I was tired of little hands and all my stuff floating around in there...but it is a real pain in the middle of the night when I'm half awake and can't just one-hand it. He's also a major cheeser..put a camera in his face and you get a big "CHEEEEESE!" Here is my man of many faces...

Looking forward to yet another fun week of discoveries and "new stuff" developing from this little guy.


  1. How cute can one kid be!? So adorable with the food! And the treadmill picture is so cute! Love him!!

  2. great job on the collage- you are very welcome!

    i just LOVE this pic of him asleep in the cart.


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