Friday, February 22, 2013

Little Helper

Cruz continues to play the copycat game and just loves mirroring what his daddy and mama do. Case in point is his obsession with the trash can these days. Everything...I mean everything goes into the trash. Generally, it's the right stuff. Even better when we are feeling lazy and can send HIM to throw away a napkin or water bottle.

What's not cool? Finding toys, hair products, pens, nail polish and more in the trash. Even one of my shoes (this kid obviously doesn't know how mama feels about her shoes).

How can you not love his determination here. He found a piece of dog food in the living room (which he more than likely put there in the first place) and makes a big ordeal until one of us acknowledges his find. Then he commits to the trek to the trash can, but not without a quick glance and goober grin toward the camera when he realizes he's being filmed. Love him.

Now if we could just find the remote.....

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  1. haha too cute! i love the comment about being too lazy and just sending baby to throw it away! haha works every time. ;)


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