Tuesday, February 19, 2013

If I Had A Day To Myself...

I love having days off to spend with Nick and little man. Originally, I had planned to go into work for a bit yesterday to get caught up on some things, but since we didn't have a "real" day off on Sunday - you know where I can do laundry, get groceries, run errands, clean, organize our life for the week - I decided to get up extra early so I could squeeze in some work before Cruz woke up. The rest of the day was a blur of doing all those things I mentioned, plus playing and cuddling with the little guy.

As I was driving at some point yesterday, I thought about what I would do with a day off to myself. No kiddo to wrangle. No husband to tend to. No work emails to answer. No phone calls to respond to. No dishes to unload. No groceries to buy/put away. I started getting really excited and my list continued to grow...and grow.

Here is my idea of a perfect day...

  • Blog, type out the loads of posts I have drafted and read up on some of my fave blogs
  • Get my nails did and a nice, relaxing pedicure with an extra long leg massage 
  • While I'm at it I just as well throw in a massage (hey, this is my perfect day, remember!)
  • Go for a long run and clear my head - mind you the weather would be nice on this make believe day
  • Lay in a tanning bed and relax for 15 minutes (don't hate, girlfriend just needs a little color on this pale bod in the winter)
  • Restore an old side table that's been sitting in our stoarge for ages with some new paint and knobs
  • Update my iPod with new music
  • Get hair extensions
  • Read a magazine. I'm talking lay on the couch, bed, somewhere and read through an entire magazine and not while I'm blow drying my hair, which is currently the only way I get through a mag and I've got piles and piles of them just waiting to be picked up
  • Search for some yum, healthy new recipes and have time to prepare some of these meals
  • Find some new accessories and wall art for the living room
  • Lunch with my sister or girlfriends...maybe, just maybe, with a couple cocktails
  • Time to catch up on some of the DIY projects I've pinned and been dying to try
  • Shop...just for me
  • Organize our photos into photo albums - I may be the only person who still prints photos, but there is something about going through an actual photo album and remembering the details of certain occasions that I just love
  • End the day with a glass of wine and reading in bed
Ahh, a girl can dream, can't she?

You know what? I'm thinking I need to take a day of vacation from work, keep the nanny as scheduled and just knock through some of these things. Seriously, I'm looking at this list and it's not like these are glamorous things here. It's actually quite sad that this list could get me so freakin' excited.

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  1. If you can get that all done in one day, you are superwoman. But it sure sounds like you need a day off of work!!


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