Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bedtime Accessories: Snurk

I am absolutely in love with this bedding from Snurk. Not only do I think it's just the cutest thing ever - I'm thinking Cruz and my future daughter (hear that hubs, give me a daughter!) will be sleeping on both of these some day - but I also love their slogan "for horizontal living." As a marketer, give me a catchy, creative line any day and I'm more than likely to buy your product on the spot.

Just look at this adorable little princess duvet...I mean this whimsical dress and a crown on the pillow? I might melt.

For our little dude, the astronaut is pretty dang cute too. I'm thinking Extreme Makeover: Home Edition would have a heyday putting together a room design around this....



  1. ohhhh myyyyyy gosh!! i have to PIN this post! (hope you dont mind) i am dying over the princess bedset!

    1. No problem at it not the greatest bedding EVER???


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