Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Grammatically Incorrect

This is one of the worst posts I have to write, mainly because I was wrong...and I hate to be wrong.

I'm one of the those word snobs. It bothers me when people don't use the correct form of their/there/they're or to/too. Grammar and spelling have always been my strong point - oh yeah, I'm not good at math or science or that other important stuff, but throw an English lesson my way and I'm all over it. (Unless you've seen an error on a past post..that I blame on fat fingers or uber-quick typing!) Just don't judge my use of ellipsis...(hehe) I love those little dots!

Back to the point of this post. I was extremely upset when I realized, after so many years (& I realize I've been doing this FOR YEARS) that I've been typing out "Superbowl" as though it is one word and it's not. It's really two words, like Super Bowl. This all stemmed from the fact that I was texting a friend about it and the hubs was reading over my shoulder and corrected me. I was confident I was right and he was wrong - like normal - but after much time on Google he proved me wrong. And it sucked.

Ok, seriously I realize I've made this much more dramatic than it should be (& really these are not first world problems here), BUT it still really bothered me. And I obviously hate to be wrong.

What are those words you chronically misuse or spell incorrectly?

On the flip stinkin' cute are my little Super Bowl buddies?

Best of all - C won both the 1st quarter and the 4th quarter score bets. Holla...$125 bones!

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