Saturday, February 16, 2013

New Purchase

I feel like I just mentioned (here) that I've been watching my online shopping...and that I had a cool new way to shop when I technically shopped, put items into my "cart" and then slept on it....generally getting over my need to purchase or talking myself out of certain buys by morning.

Well, that is all and great...until, I really need something. And by need, I mean really want because it would be more convenient for me, for the hubs and for nanny J.  Right now, Nick and I have two car seats - one for each car - but during the week we let J keep one in her car. We also try to communicate stroller needs, because up until today, we only had one. And by one, I mean, the BEST one (if I haven't convinced you all - consider yourselves Baby Jogger City Select.  I will shout from the rooftops how awesome this stroller is, but we don't need two of these little rock stars, so instead I did some research and found what I thought was a great second stroller. (Please note the store love for my girl S here, Time For Baby also rocks my socks, and this is where I purchased most of my baby gear). 

After the second, er third, time I've forgotten to leave the stroller for her before I've left for work, I jumped on Amazon and clicked the "place your order" button and this bad boy was on the porch when I got home from work last night! And I'm stoked! 

Cruz and I had been checking out second strollers for a couple weeks now - sit him in it, does it recline, does it have storage, is it easy to fold - after our very scientific checks and reading the many positive reviews online, we figured this one fit our needs best. And look at this gorg color? How perfect does it fit with the spring "It" color palate of teals, blues and greens?

Chicco City Select Echo in Topazio
I may have also thrown a couple other things in my cart (see? I have problems!) along with the stroller, before quickly clicking "order." One of those things may have been the pool noodles that I've been searching for EVERYWHERE...and another just may be the 2nd boy prezzie I've picked up for little baby Gardner since finding out last week that they are having a boy!


  1. Love the new stroller!!! And yes, after MANY hours of research, I think you have me hooked on the City Select. Now I just need to come mess with it before I place the order. And Baby G already has more cloths than I do, LOVE IT!!!

    1. What makes you think I'm getting him clothes? :) The one I just got from Amazon is AWESOME! I think both you and Ross will love it!

      As far as City...there are many new colors out too, so you can have fun with this one!

  2. Katie, Thanks for the shout out! You are right the city select is the best stroller out there...and to think that you were going to go with the UPPA!
    Morgan...let me know what color of select that you would and we will send one out. Katie is also right about all the new colors for 2013.
    Katie, nice choice on the capri...we have it in the store and sell tons! I have one and it is a nice little one! Talk soon!!!!

  3. i am in the market over a new stroller, that is more shopping friendly- i might have to look into this!


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