Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Night With The Hubs

I am the worst at making plans for the hubs around holidays. Whether it be gift giving or going out, I procrastinate like crazy.

Valentine's Day was looking to be no different since I had only started thinking about it last week. I wanted to plan a night out with my main man, just the two of us, but these days it's not that easy because we need to plan a sitter for little man and all that jazz. Fortunately, my sister was more than willing to put their plans to the side and take him in on Saturday night. This worked perfectly for what I had in mind - which was a night/day with all of Nick's fave things....well, not all, but a lot. When I let him in on the plans...he actually seemed excited. Score!

I had the hubs meet me at the hotel we were staying at after work on Saturday. First stop was Nosh Wine Bar for some wine and apps before heading over to the Creighton basketball game. We got sidetracked and stopped into DJ's Dugout for some drinks with friends. The game ended up being a bust...Creighton played terribly and lost, but we headed back to DJ's and then to Stadium Club and drank away our sorrows so that made things better.

We got tired of the jam packed bar scene and called a cab back to the hotel, where we walked into a gorgeous suite {man, I love having friends in the hospitality business}. We got up early {habit these days} and ordered room service breakfast - which I think is one of the best ways to eat breakfast - and then headed out for our couple's massage.

Ahhh, 60 relaxing minutes later we were feeling good {and I made a mental note to get a massage more often than every 8 months} and the best part of our day was still ahead -  movie and movie theater popcorn! We checked out Zero Dark Thirty, which was good - a bit slow and long - but overall a great movie. Even if you don't know what the story line is going into it and you get chastised by your husband - "do you live under a rock? Who doesn't know what this movie is about?" Well, me, for one. But I love a feel good about being an American movie like anyone else...and it brought me back to the night we heard Bin Laden was taken down....I was in NYC with my mom and sister and we had the biggest celebration with one of the cities he had impacted the most.

Date night was definitely a success...and I have to say I'm a tad bit impressed with myself for pulling this off. {Visualize me patting myself on the back here.}

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